Hola! Welcome to my little portion on the interwebz where I talk all things listed on my site’s menu.

I hope you enjoy lifestyle blogs as much as I do. To showcase how much I enjoy them, I went ahead and created my own.  If you don’t, perhaps my content could make you have a second opinion. Who am I kidding, if you’re not, you’ve probably never even stumbled across my blog. But if you somehow managed to get lost in this part of the web, give mine a chance, please. You might find a niche you’re interested in that I cover.

It seems today, lifestyle blogs are extremely common, but they are far from being ordinary. Everyone has a different intake on things and that’s what keeps them alive and throbbing. I hope my lifestyle blog has a wow factor enough to capture your attention and keep you coming for seconds. Dare I say, thirds?

I have a disclaimer: This isn’t your typical lifestyle blog. This particular one that you so happened to visit by whatever means, is spiced with a Chicana lifestyle. Donde tambien se habla español. (Pardon any of my missing accentos. I am still learning to get this software to adapt to my bilingual typings). That and the fact that I have been known to go m.i.a. from former blogs. There might be the occasional, sporadic ghosting. Y’know due to adulting and all that. Now, that doesn’t sound too appealing, more like appalling.

So what can you expect?

Well I’ll dive into hair stuff, food stuff, that fitfam stuff, teaching, and then some other stuff. Plus, there will be both American and Mexican or Chicana twists to every one of my niches. Meaning: If I ever write about food stuff – I’ll include burgers but I won’t ever leave out the churro or menudo recipes. Catch my drift?

That’s that. Enough with the formalities, let me continue posting content for my blog. I hope you enjoy and that we can become friends. So feel free to contact me.