Confessions of a Cheater

April 12, 2017

I must admit something that I was trying to keep away, but I feel guilty.

But please, hold on to your horses. It’s not something bad, bad, bad.
Well, it could be. Perhaps that’s why I feel bad about it…

Okay, a brief background: I was loaned several books. Of course, I’ve been reading them and yes, I’ve enjoyed them, but…

Well, before I go on, I know, I should probably confess this in person, because, well, it’s more polite, but it’s easier to muster-up courage through writing. Besides, I’ll probably be over this feeling before I see him again.

Back to my confessions, because I feel I must put myself on blast and confess, so as to have witnesses for this atrocious act that has me feeling guilty. But. I am also taking advantage of this blog, and using this as content since it’s fitting. It’s something happening write now. That’s going a little astray…

Where was I? Oh yes, in the kitchen getting cereal. Now, I’m back about to confess something. See it’s not easy to do so. Have you noticed me stalling?
I’ll just get to it.

About the books: yes, I enjoy them, but I’ve already stated that. Which means I have been reading, but there came something new along…and I wanted in on it too. Sorta.
See, I was able to push it off for a while, but then it seemed as if everywhere I read or everyone I heard was talking about it and so, I wanted in. I blame the hype; soon you’ll be blaming me.

So, what’s the hype?
13 Reasons Why.
A new show on Netflix and although I don’t have Netflix anymore, I read that there’s a book… what’s the crime?
The Crime: I put Sparks aside, temporarily, to start this book.

It was just supposed to be an innocent act of reading the prologue and going back to Sparks, but I don’t know how it happened. One sentence led to another and now I’m chapters deep. I could’ve stopped and I should’ve, yet I figured, it’s a fast read I could finish it and get back with the loaned books, but I can’t seem to put it down. Believe me, I tried. But who can believe a cheater?

The only reason I am able to type this is because guilt is gnawing at me. I feel like I’m cheating on Sparks and my friend…but it’s not like that. I just got sidetracked a bitDoes that make me horrible? I feel horrible. And sure, I could’ve kept this away, read the newcomer and go on with the others, act like nothing ever came in between, but see, I’m not good at keeping things away. Which is good because I’ve always been devout to honesty, but this feels so dishonest. Please forgive me.

And since I’m being honest, I must also add that I’m hooked and want to take it further than just reading this book. I, I’m also interested in viewing the show.

There’s really no true crime. Nonetheless, those are my confessions.

Now that I’ve fed my guilt and got that off my chest, I hope to be able to continue my reading better. I wish I can say it’s a one-time thing, that it won’t happen again, but a bookworm like me finds pleasure, at times, in multitasking when it comes to reading books.

-Gloria Yasmín