A Letter to Your Addiction

June 15, 2017

Ugly Addiction,

You’re the worst. You wrap yourself tightly. You don’t let go. You chain a person down. And it’s so easy for you. You don’t care. You just do what you do best. And I loathe it.

You release dopamine like a filled piñata drops candies when hit. You trick their minds thinking there’s nothing better. You liar!

You have the perfect cast. You throw yourself out. You lure them in. One bite and they’re hooked.

You make them feel special. You make them feel better. You hypocrite! You’re only hurting them and bringing false gifts along the way to cover up the damage.

Oh, but you’re quick to say, “I didn’t force them into this habit. They all made a choice.”
I can’t argue there, but you did have a major role in their choice. You painted the most beautiful picture. You promised great things galore. But you failed to mention, it was all a lie. A tactic to cover the truth; your ugly side.

You failed to mention that quitting is costly. That it is followed by repercussions. The nastiest of withdrawals, making it nearly impossible to quit. And sure, there are success stories from those who made it out, but not everyone’s the same.

You must hate being abandoned. For whenever someone tries to leave you, you start with the painful pangs. You índice cravings and incorporate all types of horrible symptoms to make them come back to you.

Did I mention you’re the worst? Why can’t you just let them go? Why must you be so cruel? Why must you make them suffer for wanting to better themselves?

We get it. Your strength is superior. You like to call the shots. But why must you do so? The people you have enslaved are our loved ones. We hate having to see them hurting themselves.

We wish they knew how to quit you. We hope and even pray they can. But you’re not one to easily give up. Well, guess what, so ain’t I. And I’m going to put up a fight and help my dearest one no longer be entrapped by your schemes.

You’ve gotten a stronghold on my loved one. And I’ll only ask this once, let him go. You mock me now. Saying, “it doesn’t work that way.” Okay, well then, I’ll have to use other methods to help out because I do not intend to stand idle as you continue to grab a hold of their life.

You’d like a fight? Well, here it comes.

Your nemesis.