About An Article

April 19, 2017

Do you really need an article to tell you whether or not you have “one of the good ones” as your significant other?

No, seriously, do you?

Like shouldn’t you know whether your SO is great by the way he treats you?

Isn’t it common sense?

Why must you constantly read those articles that describe the good ones? Why can’t you follow your gut? You, more than anyone else know to trust your gut. You have that so-called sixth sense…trust it.

If you feel something is off, more likely than not, it is. Unless of course, you’re the negative kind who thinks everything that can go wrong will go wrong. If you’re such, don’t trust your gut.

But seriously though, you gotta know. So why do you read those articles?
Because you sometimes need confirmation, right?
A just in case, type of scenario. And it’s okay to read them, because as you read the affirmations, that you already know your partner has, automatically triggers your mind to think of them. And that’s such a beautiful feeling. So go ahead, read those articles if you want. They were written for a reason. Read, read, read. And smile at the thought that you, my friend have a great one by your side.