August 15, 2017

There are two sides to every story and on the opinions of cilantro.

You have the ones who put it in almost any dish that goes well with it. Mmm, especially the salsas.

Then you have the ones who say it tastes like soap.


Yes, I know. I didn’t even know those people existed. But, they do. And they swear it’s a disgusting soapy flavor.

But how? Yes, each and every taste buds are different, but soap. Really?!

I can’t believe that. This falls under the same category as superstitions to me. Put that next to the chain letters too.

I don’t understand. Then again, there are many things I don’t understand…

But, seriously, how?

is a good tasting herb.

It makes me wonder, do they rinse off their fruits and veggies prior to eating? Perhaps they use soap to wash them and fail to rinse off the soap completely? Cause I don’t get it. I just don’t.

In fact, I’ll just order seis tacos de bistec c/s but throw some cilantro.

And if cilantro really does taste like soap. I must really love some soapy tacos.