Comfortable Friendships

April 19, 2017

You’re on your way to visit your friend. Y’know those friendly house visits.

It’s in those instances where you can tell the kind of friendship you have with them.

And yes, awareness about there being multiple posts relating to this same topic can easily be found on the web, but it’s so true that it must be restated here on this blog, as well. 

See you have your, send a text while I’m still in the car, in hopes that they greet you by the time you step out and ring the doorbell type. Then there are the ones you text and ring and ring and finally, they answer. Those are usually also the type who won’t let you explore past the living room, maybe dining room if you’re lucky enough to be fed.

Then you have your VIP’s. The ones who know you’re on your way and leave the door open. Upon opening the door you say, “Fam I’m home.” You don’t even have to wait outdoors. You’re like family; practically adopted (minus the paperwork).

When it comes to eating at said friend’s place there are also two different type of friends. Those who offer and those who don’t have to. We love the latter more so. 💓 Let’s clarify. You don’t have anything against those who have to offer food, because, well, food! Who doesn’t love being offered food? Especially one you didn’t have to cook yourself; it’s FREE! But it gets much better when you’re visiting and when hunger strikes, you can walk yourself to the kitchen and prepare yourself something because you’re that comfortable around them. See, the difference?

Now, let’s take it to the bedroom. Nothing beats being able to just visit your friend and end up napping together. Because that’s where the real comfort is at. If you can just do that, without having to think twice, you have a very special friendship. Extra brownie points if you nap and both decide food is going to happen once you wake up. They are your keepers. Don’t lose those type of friends.

It doesn’t get any more comfortable than that. Unless of course, it’s a king size bed, filled with pillows and the silkiest bed sheets ever. Overall, any friendship is cool, but the distinguished more comfortable ones, are meant for to be long-lasting.

🌵Que Viva La Amistad!