Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V: The Trend

July 27, 2017

It seems everyone wants the same eyebrows. The Same highlight, the same phone the same…etc. What happened to originality? Now it’s all about that #same lifestyle.

As if someone is controlling things with the simple use of:

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+ V. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+ V. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+ V. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+ V. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+ V. 

But then there are a few

Ctrl+ V error.

 And thank goodness for that!

The motherboard would call them errors, but that is far from the truth.

We aren’t the errors. We are those who want to keep being genuine leather, among pleather.

Why shave your eyebrows to draw others in? Why pencil/stencil/powder, (and forgive my lack of knowing the proper term for your eyebrow game) them in the same as everyone else? And it isn’t only about the eyebrows. It’s just one of the many trends tho though.

Like that, butchering words, just because. Like nah, bro. Just don’t. But it seems, the people who do that are getting further in life than those of us with a degree. They have jobs. We have loans to repay.

We literally, just can’t. Yet, they overuse that phrase. What they can’t seem to do is be themselves, no offense. (Must state that because nowadays, because everything seems to offend) And that’s not my intention.

Curiosity is all.

Have they lost all originality? Do they even know who they are anymore aside what is trending?

Like, totally put all aesthetics aside and could you answer this question: without following trends and copying who are you?

Did we all of a sudden forget about this overused picture:

Look, I even threw in the birds and the feather. Or is that not in anymore?

How does one even catch up? You’re barely boarding one train when there’s a new one coming along. You have to shift all and try it. If you don’t you’re just not “hip” enough. Hip is probably not used anymore. Perhaps, a visit to urban dictionary prior would’ve helped me to have others understand.

Expectations on others understanding this post are slim.

Because when you’re not a carbon copy, does anyone even understand you?