How-To Ask for Forgiveness

August 7, 2017

So you messed up? We’re humans we all make misteaks. But now you feel like you wish you hadn’t done that horrible thing.

Maybe you cheated on your diet. Perhaps you watched the sitcom without your partner. Or worse, you said hurtful words. Words you cannot take back.

So what do you do?

Here’s how to apologize:

1. You swallow your pride.
2. You fidget with your hair for a bit.
3. You pop your fingers.
4. You bite your lips as the words don’t want to come out.
5. You stop gazing downward and look them in the eye.
6. You shovel your feet a bit on the ground.
7. You take a deep breath.
8. And you say, “I’m sorry.
9. Then remember to breathe…

10. You look back and realize you don’t really need a list. All you need is sincerity and to actually mean it. Don’t ask for forgiveness if you don’t mean it. But try your best to get to that point.

If you hurt someone, apologize. Especially if it’s someone you care deeply for. Don’t let your bad/ugly side win. We all have that side. Admit your wrongdoings and see how it’s best to make it up for them.

It won’t ever change the history of events, but you could write a new outcome.

And if I may add, 11. Hope they accept it. Forgiveness is up to them. You did your part. Let’s hope they find it in their heart to forgive. That’s not for us to decide.

Never force it.
Never fake it.
Always mean it.

And that’s how-to ask for forgiveness.