I Thought to be Shy, but…

October 1, 2017

“Hi, my name is Gloria. You’re new here, you’ll get along just well.” That’s me speaking to a rookie.

Yes, I can actually be that way. Because I like people to feel welcomed.

But, when I’m the newcomer, totally different story. I’m labeled as shy.

And I get it. I don’t practice the liberty of openly introducing myself. “Hi, I’m Gloria. I’m the rookie.” It sounds easy, but what’s so great about being the rookie?

You’re coming into others’ well-known turf. You don’t want to be overly friendly or come off as a snobby, arrogant, douche solely because you aren’t the one to initiate the conversations. But you come off as being that way, nonetheless – Thanks to your shyness.

And many people will tell you things like, “I thought you were a b****.” “You were so quiet and now…” etc.

Fast forward – years later when you realize maybe you weren’t shy. You’re just an analyzer. Like a major – close to being a freak – analyzer. You analyze everything and everyone. If you didn’t know what your hobbies were, this would make it on the list.

You like to see and absorb information. You’re not shy. You’re a silent sponge. Soak it all in before you make your moves. Life is a game of chess and you need to be careful on what you’ll do next.

But okay, yes, sometimes, you do overthink, and you wonder, will they like me? What can I say? How do I get a juicy conversation flowing? Because admit it, small talk is awkwardly boring! Oh, stop pretending like it’s not. You know that’s exactly how small talk makes you feel. Go ahead, hashtag same.

So, instead, you keep spectating. There’s nothing wrong with that. Except people will carry on and you’ll be feeling left out. But that’s okay. This is your time to see which peeps are actually worth investing time with. And which are the ones you know, nope we clash worse than the Titans.

And you realize, it isn’t shyness. It’s just you being you. Cautious. Courteous, yet still being thought of as a douche. But that’s okay. No, really.

And you wouldn’t have it any other way. Because of less drama. No, really. That statement wasn’t sarcastic. For real, fr.

But then there are those weird and rare moments when there’s a person you don’t even know and one word and you click and it’s like the planets all aligned, (if you believe in that stuff ((**spoiler alert**I don’t actually)) but yet it’s like it was meant to be. A person so compatible it feels you’ve known them for ages. And those my friends (wait, are we friends? Circle yes or no) are the best kind of ships. You’ll ship it so hard and it will show. Seriously, those are the good people. Don’t let them go; because to have a connection that great, since day one, is extremely rare. Especially to a snobby, never smiling, uptight, arrogant person that they assume you to be.

But you-you’re not shy. You have your circle of close friends to confirm. And they’ll tell anyone, who Glo? Shy? Hahaha Hahaha haha and they can possibly die of laughter because you’re actually the coolish, most fun douche on their team, who doesn’t smile much, but can make you laugh with her wit and puns. And you’re the realest. Put that on everything.

-Gloria Yasmín

Or wait, do they laugh cause they feel sorry for you? Ha! Nah, my dad jokes are pretty hilarious. Yep, she got dad jokes and she ain’t never even been, ever gonna be a dad. But that’s what’s up.

Summary: She’s just trying to say she’s not shy, she’s a cautious observer who views life like a game of chess that she hasn’t even mastered on the board, much less in life.

Peace out, yo!