Pros & Cons of Reading Other Blogs

August 8, 2017

There’s a beauty in reading what other bloggers express on their sites.

Not many that have kept my interest as much as two bloggers you encountered on Tumblr whom I don’t know their names, but am subscribed to receive notifications on their new posts (cause they’re gooooooood).
Better yet, I don’t know many bloggers.I’ve tried and tried to find those I’d like to read. Y’know the ones where you can’t wait for them to post new content. The ones where you binge read their old posts when you stumble on their sites late. But are happy you did cause you have so much to read. The ones that make you feel like you know them. A bond is formed with their great content. Yeah, I don’t know many.

So, I’ve stuck with the two previously mentioned And yes, possibly because I am a creature of routine, but mainly because I haven’t come across other great bloggers like them. They have a je ne se quois that just keeps me coming back for more. Anxiously awaiting a notification to tell me they have just posted. Because it’s lovely. It’s therapeutic. I can relate and it feels like home.

Their blogs make me feel as if I’d kick it well with them if I were good with social situations and making friends because I like the person they are through writing. I feel we would get along just fine. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe I crush so hard on their writings that I can’t help but feel a spark. Whatever it is, these two ladies have got it going on. May they keep doing what they do, To keep me entertained, amazed, and ogling because it’s beautiful to write when it’s your passion and especially when you have such a way of putting things into writing like they do.

But sometimes there are cons that come with reading other blogs.

Like forever thinking you could never write as good as them. Because that has been a recurring thought in my mind forever ago.

But then you look at the pros, they are an inspiration. Look at you expressing your thoughts for the whole world to see, (although, you know you have, at least one loyal reader who sometimes messages you when she likes what you posted [thank you, by the way, you somehow bring my writing to life]) And yes, you wish others would read you because you feel you have a whole lot of nothing to say, that may be relatable. And just because it would be a dream come true. And that’s what reading other blogs has molded you into. You then all of a sudden got the idea, hey, I could should do this too. And maybe you shouldn’t because maybe you’re not so great. That’s doubt knocking at your door again. Don’t answer it. But you did, didn’t you?

Anxiety does come and go. It’s a game of ding-dong-ditch. Why won’t you ditch the doubts instead? It’s not that easy. But reading other blogs and being able to relate somehow soothes your anxiety. It hushes it until you no longer hear the screams. And you love that. And you wish you could do the same. To emit a sense of good feelings to your fellow readers. To distract them from whatever is going on in their life that they wish to get away from.

That’s why you do it. Even if it’s just for one faithful reader out there. Because despite the many cons you could list, you always think back to the feelings you got when you came across the first post of the ladies you follow and you want to transmit that to others too. Because it’s such a great feeling.

Imagine that! Doing something you love and being able to help others. So you do it, regardless of the number of readers. You do it at a shot of getting heard and hopefully being of help when it’s needed.

And that’s why the pros outweigh the cons of reading other blogs. And so you write. Don’t give up.