April 22, 2017

They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but somehow, sometimes, you ask too many and you’re annoying. Or you don’t ask and you won’t know.

You’re damned if you do, or you’re damned if you don’t.

When is asking too many questions enough? How do you know when to stop before you reach the point of becoming annoying?

You mean no harm in the questions you ask. You simply have those things you want to know; curiosity. And you never truly cared if curiosity kills the cat; they have nine lives after all, don’t they?

It’s just how you’re wired. When something doesn’t make sense, you ask. If an answer was too vague, you ask a little more, (sometimes a little too much) but only because you want to understand. You want it all set out before deciding what to do with that newly found information. That is pretty self-explanatory. Or at least you think it is. But not everyone is fond of all the questions you ask. Thus, you’re left with questions for yourself, should you stop asking them to avoid annoying them? Or do you continue being your curious self? Do you compromise a bit and save some questions for later? But what if the topic isn’t touched again? How can you be comfortable knowing you don’t know what you want to know?

Yet, what happens when the questions you have are unanswered because they don’t have the answers to the question?
Is it okay to let it go when that arises? Does asking too many kill the spontaneous nature of certain things?
Is your way of wanting to have everything decided and planned out something you shouldn’t always do?

And just like that, you realize one question always leads to another. And it’s true, not all of them can or will be answered. And it’s okay as long as you’re not called out for asking too many because that’s when it stings…but it’s not entirely that bad. You just wanted to know, but you are also okay with the unknown – for now.