Rather Be Reading

April 20, 2017

📚 Books, you love them. 💖

You wish you could stop everything and read. You start a book, and another and another, even if you’re not done with the first. You want to read it all in one sitting. Sometimes you do, and there’s no shame. Sometimes, you must put it down. And even if it’s for a brief moment, it feels like forever. That, my fellow readers, is not an exaggeration. 

You love to read. You just absolutely love it.

Ever since you started reading you have not stopped. It’s as if the phrase, “can’t stop, won’t stop” was invented just for you and your love for reading.

You read just about anything.

You’re eating cereal for breakfast, you best believe you’re reading everything on that cereal box.

You’re pumping gas, yup, you’re reading every little sign on that pump.

You’re on the toilet, you have a stack of magazines just for that.

You’re on the road, bumper stickers, billboards, street names and signs, you’re reading them all.

You’re at a restaurant, you read as much as you can before the server arrives…

You just read everything and anything that catches your eye.

You have books, you started. You have books you’re almost finishing. You’re done with others and have occasional book withdrawals, but the beauty is that there is always something to read. And that is lovely.