Screenshots: A New Level of Hoarding

March 9, 2017

*Opens app*
*Scrolls through feed*
Like, but truly, really like something… *takes screenshot* *and another one*
& hey, look *another one*
Yet, *another one* because you’re sure you will use it soon enough.

Truth is, your phone is over flooded with screenshots that you have ready to be used.

Sometimes you use them. But most of the time, you forget you have that one screenshot you took, that would be fitting for an occasion. But since you have so many, going through your folder to find it seems tedious that you just have them there saved. Stored. Taking up storage room.

And sure, you added an external SD card. But even then, your phone is now constantly reminding you – phone storage is low!

It’s the worst! You cannot clear it from your notifications. And you figure you can go through your folders and delete some items.

You decide to start with your Screenshots folder. Because it’s the one you use the least, but as you go through it, you get the same feeling as before.

“Oh, this one’s good.”
“Oh, I can’t get rid of that one.”
“Ah, this one WILL come in handy.”
And so on, and so forth…

That’s when it dawns on you. You.are.a.screenshot.hoarder. And that cannot be good. And you try to think of excuses to having all the thousand plus images saved, but you can’t.

Admit it, you ARE a hoarder. As ugly as it sounds, that’s the truth. You wish you weren’t, but it’s not your fault there are ton loads of memes you’d like to share in the near future. So, you’re in a bit of a rut. And now you’re thinking, you should’ve purchased twice as much memory as you did. Because it’s easier to splurge on an extra memory than pick and choose what to delete.

That’s the ugly truth. And it’s also saddening. And you think you need a type of intervention, but you don’t do anything about it. You are stuck staring at your notification bar reminding you that you are low on phone storage.

And you ignore it the best you can because it’s really bothersome. But you dare not complain anymore because, at this precise moment, you decide you are going to leave as is until another day.