Sparks of Attraction

April 15, 2017

Two books later. And you’re beyond hooked.

Wait a minute, that’s a lie. One chapter in and you were hooked. The continuing reads were just your supply to get high off that literary love.

Who knew you’d be feeling sparks of attraction with Nicholas Sparks?

This really wasn’t your preferred genre. But you gave it a try. How could you say no after being loaned the books? Resisting to read, can you even?

You didn’t think you’d be blown away. Amazement you didn’t think you’d find. Take that and add awe; you were hooked and soon thereafter booked.

You thought it would be unrealistic. No way is there that kind of love out there!
You were wrong. And this time you’re actually glad you were wrong.

Although, hitting you in the feels can get to be a little too much, in certain scenes, causing you to fight the urge to throw the book and instead gently closing (for fear of staining the pages with your tears), minutes later you manage to pick the book up and continue. It’s just that kind of read.

Love at first sentence.

And just like that, you wrap this post up, to wrap yourself in a blanket and continue the third book. This time with tissues beside you.