The “Honeymoon Phase”

May 4, 2017

The honeymoon phase is over.

You loved every single moment of it. You were in what can be considered a spell. A spell that you have no idea when it was broken. But broken it was.

It’s not like you woke up one day and noticed it that same morning. No, this happened slowly. In pieces. You noticed a few things were missing, but not all at once. And as each thing that honeymooners once did no longer occurred, it dawned on you.
The honeymoon phase. is. over.

Sure, there was still small traces here and there, but nothing compared to the first few moments. And it seems like this was the fastest honeymoon to fade.

Is it completely over? Is it on hold? Circumstances have led it to a drier place than before. Will there be sparks when time passes and agony isn’t a closeby acquaintance trying to gain friendship access?

Is there anything left?
Was there ever something?
But of course, there was. You have memories and pictures to prove it wasn’t a dream.

And you sit here, reminiscing, hoping things can happen as such. But you also know the circumstances aren’t ones to call for such a phase.

Yet that doesn’t mean you’ll stop doing your part. Nope. This is just the part where you have to pull the weight because one of you isn’t at their 100% peak. As you do, you hope and pray it isn’t going to rain forever. But come what may, it will all serve a purpose. You just hope this is something you both will look back on and be glad to have been blessed with each other.

The honeymoon may be over or on pause. But there’s always anniversaries and you hope that’s how this story unfolds for you.