When One Chapter Ends

September 8, 2017

Another begins.

Ay, no! Que cliché.
NTS: don’t start with a cliché – (okay it’s a NTS & to readers –because sharing they say is caring)

Although that is true, for the most part, it’s not always easy to move to the next chapter. Okay, it is when you’re a bookworm and you’re so into a book and you get a cliffhanger ending and you should really go to sleep, but instead you have to find out what happens next, so you go to the next chapter even if your eyelids are half closed… okay, let me catch my breath with that last run on.

You’d think as a grammar connoisseur, I wouldn’t have typed that way, but that’s exactly how a bookworm feels. No Time For Pauses. Just keep on reading.

But sometimes, you reach the end of a chapter where you simply cannot. Devastation occurred and you’re left numb. You yell, and if you didn’t like books as much as you do, you’d possibly throw it across the room. Because, why?

The question that is never far away.

Or sometimes, it’s so sad that your book gently slips from your grip onto your lap/bed. And you simply cannot.

You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by…something not so great. Something not to your liking. A better term: unexpected.

The unexpected comes knocking and you’re left with, oh my, why, why, why? Or numbness overflows within, and you just don’t think you can move on to the next chapter.

You’re stuck in the rut, rut, rut, rut, rut. And you feel void. You’re being consumed by darkness. Your hues from white, to soft greys, and then, hey – it’s pitch black.

It’s falling apart.
You’re falling apart.

You don’t want to move. Paralyzed by the situation. The ugly, unexpected situation that just hit you. Snap back to reality. Eminem said it best, “oh, there goes gravity.” You really do lose yourself. But the moment you don’t own it.

Cause the chapter ended. The one you didn’t think would end so sour. And now you’re left with seconds feeling like hours.

So a new chapter is aching to begin, but your heartbreaking doesn’t let that in. And you’re stuck. And you can’t turn the page. Oh, but this is more than just a phase or another number on the stage of recovery.

How long? How long? You just see the waters start rising. You wish you were rising. But you forgot how to swim or that you never learned.

The chapter has ended you want so badly to become mended. But you’re blended. Emotions you feel none and all simultaneously.

And the book is waiting for the next chapter to be started. But you’re scared it could get worse. But it could also get better. But you’ll never know if you don’t flip the page. But take your time this ain’t no race. But don’t take too much – just enough.

But through it all, don’t lose heart don’t lose faith. Learn, change, and grow. It’s all for a purpose.

The author decided that fate for a reason. You’ll soon grasp the full picture if you decide to keep going.

So don’t stop. You could pause, but please keep going. As long as the book hasn’t ended there are so many more chapters. This isn’t the end. Another one truly begins.