Which is worse?

August 23, 2017

Planning every single thing or never planning?

Planning is amazing. It lets you have control. Who doesn’t like being in control? And there are many great things about planning. It’s a preparation tool. A process to make sure things come out smoothly.

Yet, things don’t always go as planned. And that can be heart-breaking. It’s true. Especially for a planner. A person devoted to to-do lists. A person with a schedule. A person in control. But when something goes unplanned, all control is lost. And havoc breaks loose. That sounds bad, but at least there was a plan to start with as opposed to going in without a clue or an idea of what is to come.

But who are we to ever know what is to come? The unknown is never known until it makes an appearance. Which is why many fail to plan. Or don’t waste their time on it. It’s not so much of a waste, but in their eyes, it could be.

So what’s worse? Planning everything or never planning?

Maybe this is one of the things that mediocrity is okay to have. Because planning every single detail could be time-consuming instead of actually doing. And not having plans is also time-wasted because not planning might put you in situations you didn’t have to go through had you planned.

So, maybe there needs to be a balance. They are two extremes and sometimes both need to be done.

Maybe you just need to loosen the grip a bit, if you plan for everything and anything. Even if you love to do it. Yes, having control is awesome, but when you spiral out of it, it’s havoc. And on the other hand, maybe you need to get a grip if you never plan.

Create a balance. And do what works best for you.

Because sometimes you might have a writing schedule and maybe some days you don’t feel like writing about that topic instead of another one. So maybe it’s okay you planned in case writer’s block happens, but learn to be okay with writing about something else that is more interesting that day.

And maybe just maybe you plan on writing daily, but life also happens and it knocks you down, but you get back up and get back to it. That is also valid.

So plan if it’s your thing. But never lose your spontaneity.