Which is Worse…?

July 26, 2017

In the early stages of a relationship, Which Is Worse

Saying, “I love you” first OR That First Flatulence?

Is saying, “I love you” first in a relationship worse than the first fart?


No, really think about it. Don’t just answer out of your rear…this isn’t a fart anxiously awaiting its escape.

Okay, so now you’ve come to the following thought: why should any of the two be bad, right? We are all allowed to have feelings. No one is exempt. It’s a feeling. It’s natural. Oh, but so is feeling gassy. Then why do they both strike up as some sort of taboo…or something like that?

Like, why are we females so meticulously inclined to not let either one slip-out from either end?

Guys seem to have it easier; once again. Usually, they are the first ones to let gas escape around their Significant Other (SO). Patriarchy wins once more. Us girls don’t have it that easy. Hey, I didn’t make the rules, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be broken. And #trust, once that barrier is broken, y’know the one where you don’t have to be a pro at holding them in anymore, it’s so much better.


Guess, that is a question that only the gas perpetrator holds the answer to.

There isn’t a right or wrong moment. No, wait – there are definitely several wrong moments: formal dinner, public outing with your SO’s friends and/or family etc…

But, when it has to happen, in the solitude of their company, it is going to happen.

There’s no butt-plug stopping that.

It’s only human.

Let’s move on to the other end.  

When it comes to saying, ily it’s typically the girls who say it first. But even then, we are cautious not to drop the L-bomb 💣too soon. Cause it too, could cause an unwanted explosion.

You start developing stronger feelings, and you are getting tired of constantly saying,

It’s true, but at the same time, you feel it isn’t doing “justice” to how you feel. It’s a little more than liking your SO. You feel it grow into more. And you want to blurt it out, but you also hold yourself back. As if having feelings is wrong.

Truth is: It isn’t.

Don’t follow Elsa’s advice. Feel, don’t conceal.

Let your SO know:

What’s the worst that could happen?

No, really, what’s the worst?

Pardon, but that’s just anxiety trying to resurface.

In the end, which is worse? We tend to refrain from both, as much as possible, but why?

Here’s another question: why does it seem it’s harder for us?

                            Is it because we look more into things? 

I’m not the only one who must feel this is unfair. Or am I?

Talk to me people.


I let both out already. Luckily not simultaneously. And I feel as though the aftermath of those 3 little words was harder than the gas. Okay, so maybe I blushed after the first eruption of my rear end, and I did feel the want to hide forever…it still felt weirder when I told him, I love you.

The “I love you” Event: It just happened. I wasn’t thinking about it. We were both there having a conversation and he said the funniest, cutest thing ever I couldn’t help myself. It simply came out; like word vomit. It was in between the chuckles. “See, that’s why I love you.” And I couldn’t take it back. I absolutely didn’t plan it either. It just felt right at the moment, and I “blurted” it out. It wasn’t until after the laughing, I realized what I had said. Something I’ve never told him before. It felt strange, but I know it was real. I just didn’t want to feel like I was coming on too strong. So I tried taking it back – with a smile on his face, he said I couldn’t. Momentarily relief, but I still couldn’t help but feel I had done something “wrong.” I had my guard off for a second and that happened. But why should I have felt bad? It’s just a feeling, I’m feeling. One I didn’t know was there. Like yes, I know I really, really like the dude…and okay, yes, I knew the feeling was growing, yet it was still a shock to hear myself confess, I felt that way. As if it’s a crime…

So, in your opinion: which is worse? The gas slip or the ily rolling off the tongue when your SO has yet to say it. Both hold a lot of pressure, and it goes beyond the gas build-up. Or maybe neither is that bad, I’m just over analyzing like I tend to do.

Regardless, I think neither should be considered bad or wrong.


          wouldn’t it be best

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