April 25, 2017

You must always make an effort to watch what you say so that you never end up saying something you’re going to regret.

The truth in that statement overflows. You couldn’t agree more. And it’s something that you can relate to because that’s the same reason you aren’t much of a talker.

You’re an observer. You’re the one who tries hardest to refrain from saying unnecessary words.

Maybe that bothers some. You know, the fact that they say, and you take it in. You don’t always fire back even when you’ve been wounded. They may consider it as weakness, but you see it as holding back so regret won’t take place anytime soon. Then, of course, there are also those times you’ve had your share of regrets. Wishing you hadn’t said or done certain things, but you’re not the only one.

It doesn’t mean you disagree with the statement…you’re just human and will make those kinds of mistakes, sometimes more often than not.

The good thing is that the more you practice to hold back your tongue, the better you’ll get at it. It won’t always work, but at least you’re trying. Because you are aware that words can either build up or tear down – and you don’t want to bring anyone down.

It’s so easy to do, but you choose the harder thing because you know that everyone is fighting their own battles and even though they may be the ones doing the harm to you, you stop and think there’s more to this. They could be battling other demons and they just so happened to burst when arguing with you. Don’t take anything too personal. Try not to forget that you’re just a fraction of their entire life. When too much is too much, they will burst and sadly at times you will be the one to see the outbursts. So try harder to refrain from being hurtful back. Forgive them and try to understand them.

But of course, if they are always being hurtful that’s a different situation that you should consider dealing in a different manner. Always be safe and always try to use your words to build others up. Therefore watch what you say. It’s okay to be considered more of an introvert because you rather observe than destroy.

Your words could make a difference. Let the difference be a positive one.