Part 3

As I attended my pity party (as mentioned in part 2 of my fitness journey), I did end up packing so much weight. Perhaps you’ve heard of a female packing way too much for any vacation trip, well this comes close.

I had gone from cheating to get my flat stomach back to my banana bread top. It happened slowly, that I didn’t even notice it. I wasn’t aware that I was eating my feelings. That and possibly making up for all the time I had starved myself. Truth is it was ugly. Thre breakup, the binge eating, everything. I simply had let myself go.

And somehow, I didn’t notice it right away. Because I still had my fat pants stored away. And when my size 3’s failed to button, I moved on to the 5’s. And even when I had to do the wiggle dance to force myself into a pair of jeans, I didn’t do much about it. As long as I was able to suck it up and button up even at the expense of having my belly bulge over, I didn’t think about that too much. It added to my pity party. Another reason to feel sorry for myself. It “worked” for me. I can say it suited me and the situation just well.

But that all changed one evening I was walking the Doberman (only thing left from that heartbreak – but this isn’t about the breakup), I was fatigued in less than 15 minutes. Okay, I had to stop for a break. Poor dog. But he was patient with me. And that’s when I decided I had to put an end to my sappy situation. Especially since it was hurting my health. Not even being able to walk without fatigue creeping in, now that was a true heart problem. And I decided to start walking more and gradually, possibly start a light jog.

I downloaded one of those free training apps, from couch potato to 5k. It worked for a bit, but when I no longer felt fatigued, I wanted more. And walking/running has never been my thing. But for the love of my Doberman, I endured.

But still, I wanted more results. Especially, since I still couldn’t fit into my size 3’s. Yeah, that was my goal. Although, the 5’s were now closing with less of a muffin top, I still wanted to get better results. Because, if you haven’t noticed from my other posts, I tend to want things fast. That’s not always good and that’s not the point, but in this situation, I’m glad because it led me to go back to Insanity.

Ahh, yes! You might be thinking, but wait, isn’t that the same program that started your loathe for exercising? It was, but it wasn’t. It was at the time when I first tried it. But this time it was different. My mind was in the right place. I had found my why. The why I lacked the first time.

This time, I was doing it for more than looking great. It was about being healthy. And since I didn’t know much about workouts and don’t fancy gyms much, I said, the only trainer I can afford is the one in my DVD set. And thus I began the Insanity program.

And I was happy. I started it and this time I didn’t even care about the shirt. This time, I cared about my health. And that’s why through grunting, some cursing, and tears I managed to stick with it. And it was amazing to see my body transform before my own eyes. And not just my body, but my endurance. And it was the greatest thing ever.

That was the moment I fell in love with Shaun T’s programs. And although I never sent my before and after photos, I still got my results. And the thing I would have never imagined is that in a weird way, I inspired my brothers to join me for a few sessions. Me, the sloth, motivating them. That’s unheard of! They’ve been in athletics before. Not I. But there we were in the living room. We’d push play and sweat together. Those were good times.

And that was the start of my BeachBody using days. To be honest, I didn’t complete the program entirely. I stopped 2 weeks before the last day. And it was because I had such great results that I slacked. Big mistake, but I was so proud of myself. That and I somehow got into fitstagram and noticed Shaun T had a new program; with shorter workouts.  A program I wanted to try. So I took a minor break. I was able to fit into my 5’s again. And the muffin top was gone for the most part. But my diet, oh how I struggled with my diet. I couldn’t leave the coke. And that is why I couldn’t lose as much. But, it didn’t stop there.

There’s totally more. But I’ll leave that for part 4.