Empty Kitchen 

It’s hard to step foot in my kitchen. This isn’t due to any cold, creaking floors. It’s due to memories made in the kitchen.

In my camera roll live idle snapshots of the foods I’d cook with my ex-significant other(exSO). Showcasing all the meals that once gladly brought us closer to each other.

It was a bond like no other. It was more than sharing recipes and swapping ingredients to try our own creations. It was more than satisfying our spontaneous cravings at any given time of day. There were moments filled with lots of laughter. Moments that not only filled our stomachs, but our hearts as well – (at least for me).

Those are the moments I miss the most. Especially come Friday evenings. That was the start of our cooking adventures. It all started with fish tacos. There’s a story behind it. A story perhaps I’ll be able to write one day without getting watery eyed.

Until then, all I can state is that it’s hard for me to step foot in my kitchen without feeling nostalgic. Without the sudden sense of no longer having my cooking partner. My favorite moments with my exSO were in the kitchen. That could also explain my current weight gain situation. That is why, it’s hard for me to cook up a meal. Cooking for one isn’t as fun as for two. Cooking alone isn’t as fun as with that one person whom you partner with in the kitchen.

For those of you who have such partners, you’re blessed. I miss that the most. And that’s why I haven’t been able to post much about food here. I can’t when my meals now seem dull as opposed to the earlier days with my exSO.

I have a slab of ribs sitting idly, as tiny ice particles form around the packaging, in the freezer. Ribs that I had once wanted to cook with him. But now I just have a frozen package of ribs to match the cold feeling of our now extinct cooking moments.

Until I get better, and once I get back to meal-prepping due to my new fitness journey, it might take me a while to post anything under this category.

I also would love to share some of the past recipes we made. Because they are great! Finger-lickin’ I’d dare say.

But for now, as I empty these feelings out, as opposed to emptying the contents of my fridge, this is the most recent post I can write about.

On a brighter note: Thanksgiving is next week, so possibly I could write about my pie making, if I dare step into the kitchen to create such joy once again.