An Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

It would be a lie to say, I am only loving it because I have an extremely thankful heart. Truth be told, the food plays a major role. And as fatty and ungrateful as that may portray me, it’s the truth. It’s not something I am proud of, yet there are times, I tend to take things for granted. I wish I wasn’t that way, but I am. And again, I’d be a liar if I were to say, I always give thanks as I ought to; because I don’t.

Now, I know, Thanksgiving was “so two days ago.” Yet, I refuse to let that stop me from posting about being grateful on a different day other than the one acknowledged day of the year. Y’know the one that many claim to look forward to, but somehow manages to get interrupted by covetousness the following day (or in some instances, the same day) with all them “ought to have, great deals!”

A holiday that gets butchered and cut short. Where the sole-purpose of the celebration gets covered by the shadows casted by the highlights of all those pre-black Friday specials. That’s a sad reality for many.

Some tend to forget the reason for the season and go after more, more, more. Others tend to focus more on the food. Both taking things for granted. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll agree, sometimes we forget to be grateful.

Nah, fam. That’s where I intend to draw the line. I want to live out the true meaning of gratitude. Each and every day. And I want to stop some of my covetous nature.

In previous years, perhaps, I didn’t always wake up thankful. Perhaps, I didn’t always say thanks. But now, I want that to be one of the things I change. I want to showcase an attitude of gratitude.

Let’s rewind two days. I loved this year’s Thanksgiving. I admit, I was strongly looking forward to the meal and gathering together with loved ones at my grandmother’s house. Happy that we would be together. But even then, I was taking things for granted. I wasn’t displaying my gratitude. It wasn’t until the minutes before eating.

The words spoken when my dad said grace resonated loud and clear this time. Usually, the growls of my stomach drown them out. And my thoughts about how much more stuffing I will be able to go back for after this first serving linger in my mind. I tend to just say thanks and tune out the rest…But this time, possibly because I’ve decided to align myself more with God, his words rung loud. There IS so much to be thankful for. And this year even more so.

It’s obvious we give thanks when there’s good all around us. But, I’m not only thankful for the good.I am sincerely thankful for the bad that has also occurred. For the feelings of brokenness that I experienced this year. For the moments of hardship that I may still be facing this day. Because they allowed me to learn important lessons, but above all, they led me to fix my eyes on the One and only who promises to be there for me, no matter what I face.

It had been a long time of my drifting. I had tried to do things my way. Take control of everything, only to feel burned out in the end. Mixed with moments of frustration filled with tears and pain. But in the midst of it all, I was able to find my way back. And that is one of the main reasons I am thankful today. Not just on the fourth Thursday of November.

I give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His mercies endure forever.