Un-Typical Snow Day

You’ve always been an early bird. But on cold days you stay in bed a little more. You cannot seem to detach from your blankets.

Because you live in a place where you are not used to the cold. Come 50 degrees and you bust out the San Marcos cobija. That and you already know to brace yourself, it’s  caldo season. (Then again, not even the high temperatures stop our Latino household from making caldo in the Summer. Zero-chill; quite literally).

But when temperature drops and you hear in the news that there is slight chance of snow for the counties a little higher than yours, you think, yay for them. And that’s that. You don’t even get your hopes up, because just last week you were wearing shorts.

But then, you are greeted with messages. So many messages. And you think, they are making fun of the fact that they said we would have snow…but it’s actually true.

A legit, un-typical snow day. It wasn’t as awesome as the one many years ago, but still. You could build a snowman. A very tiny one, that is. But you rather keep your hands warm.

Hey, you got out of bed to enjoy the view and snap some photos, that’s a lot. And now you feel merry and bright. It is starting to look like Christmas. And you somehow secretly (not-so-secretly anymore) begin to think, maybe your Christmassy post had something to do with it. But that’s not how the weather works. And you’ve never been superstitious, but you still forwarded some chain letters back in middle school because you didn’t want no little girl without eyes staring at you while you slept. Oh the logic behind that. But that’s not the point. (If I had a dollar for every time I’d say that…)

You like this feeling. This winter feeling that you hardly get to experience. Yes, you get cold with 50 degree weather. And yes you layer on clothes and socks because that’s you. A reptile only used to the scorching sun. So come a little wind you freeze up. But today, it doesn’t feel so bizarre wanting to make some hot chocolate. And that’s what you will do. And you’ll enjoy it because come tomorrow the sun will reappear and be like, did you miss me? And truth is, I do. But if it could just tone it down just a notch. And not burn us during winter. That would be great.

In the end, I’m just trying to say, happy snow day to us living in the Southern tip of Texas.