Shush that Mean Inner Voice

Everyone has that inner voice. In your best moments, it’s wise to listen to it. But when that voice becomes cruel, shush it.

Self-Love is being preached. You see quotes about it. You read articles about it. There are even videos about it. Embrace yourself. Love yourself. But that’s not always easy. It’s beautifully painted, but it’s harder when Negative Nancy whispers lies that we begin to water; as a result, negative thoughts grow within us.

Guilty as charged. Without realizing it, you’ve helped Negative Nancy. You’ve held the watering can and are now surrounded by a forest if not a garden of cruel words that have budded and sprouted. You let them inside.

And you’ve cried and you’re scared that your tears have aided in the growing process.

You cry because of your body. But you just finished liking an article yesterday about self-love and you agreed with it. You even told yourself, I need to be more like that. And it was true, but harder to put into practice. Now, you see yourself across the mirror. The mirror that once was your friend when you took countless selfies because you loved how you looked. And now, the more you stare into the mirror the more that voice you watered is mocking you. “Don’t lie, you look gross.” “Look at you, how can anyone love you like that?” “You’re disgusting with all that fat.” “You were never like that, but you let yourself go.” And the words continue to echo. And they don’t cease one moment. And there’s nothing positive about them.

You tried so hard and felt good and sexy, but you made a way for the voice to enter and now you can’t get rid of it. It’s kinda like a mean skinny girl inside. Judging you. Constantly criticizing. Never ending. But you want it to stop. And you’re left wondering, how nice it would be to love yourself once again.

And you think you’re the only one that faces those things, but you find out you’re not. That it’s a bigger problem. Much bigger than your belly rolls. And when you find out that your friend faces the same perfect skinny girl’s voice inside her, you want her to stop. You don’t want her to think of her any less. You don’t want her to hurt herself. And you want her to know that. You try your best, but that voice creeps in once again. She’s yelling, “HYPOCRITE!”

And you feel she’s right. How can you preach about self-love when minutes ago you were staring at yourself loathing yourself? But you decide to try. Because you also believe, “you are worth more than your physical attributes.” But that belief gets drowned out by your voice, the media, and every high standard set on by society, that if you aren’t basic you’re not worthy. Shush those lies. Those lies that you struggle with.

Build yourself up the same way you build others up. Don’t be mean to yourself. Love yourself at every stage.

And next time that voice wants in, say NO, to Negative Nancy.

Disclaimer: Oh, but it’s harder to practice than to say. I have a story to share. (Well more than one, but I’ll share one soon enough).