My Chrissmassy Side

The real reason I have Sharpie markers.

It isn’t for my eyebrows. I’m not that type of Latina. Even though I joke around and some friends think I’m hood, I haven’t earned my stripes. But that’s a different story.

I’ve been working on those Christmas cards. It’s a lot harder when one isn’t as artistically inclined. It’s time consuming. Even staying within the lines it’s like ahhh. Luckily for me, I only bought a small pack of blank cards. Unfortunately for others, not everyone will receive my creatively crafted Christmas card this year. But that’s okay, the friend circle has gotten smaller. And family is where it’s at. ❤

I’ve also been working on 3 backdrops. One for the family, helping my cousin this year. I didn’t want to hog the lens this time. Another for church. And another one that I almost didn’t make because it’s an idea that just popped in my head after eating tamales, and I’m not sure how that will look. I must say, it looks great in my mind. But I’m barely deciding to go through with it. I’m behind schedule, but that’s okay.

It’s the most busy time of that the year if you ask me. I still have some cards to color in. I still have to make desserts for Sunday. And I have to hurry because my Tia Cris is coming down. She arrives Saturday morning. I love my family.

Yes, I’m a family type of gal. And I’m looking forward to these holidays. Oh, just recalled, I’m in charge of the games. As usual. Ay! Don’t want to neglect the blog, but I have duties.

Y’all stay safe and hope you’re not as rushed as me. Enjoy your holidays.