Share Your Story

You know you’ve healed when you can talk about it and you don’t cry. 

You tried to brave. And you thought maybe this time you’ll be able to tell your story, only to find yourself choking on the words as the knot in your throat began to form. 

You’re now scared to blink because the moment you do, the water that has formed in your eyes will turn into tears. And you’re feeling weak – all over again.

Will this ever go away? Will you always be scared to talk about it

You seriously thought the years would bring healing. And in all sincerity, you thought you had already healed. Only to find that the wound had simply formed a scab that fell; leaving you with an open wound. 

The hurt resurfaces. An all familiar pain you wish would go away. You want to talk about it. You want to be healed, but the moment you want to break the silence, you freeze and you find yourself numb. Other times crying. 

It is in between sobs that you realize, talking about it is part of the healing process. 

You tried to cover it up. Make everything seem normal for several reasons. You swept it under the rug, but the truth is, it never went away. 

But this is where the healing begins. And even though it hurts the same, if not more as that day, you decide talking about it is the way to healing.

You’ve just boarded a ship. Your voyage to reach the point where you can tell your story and no longer cry. That’s when you know you’ve healed. But right now, you’re hurting and crying and that’s part of the process. Talk about it until it no longer holds you hostage to pain. But seeing that tears still trickle down, write about it until you’ve healed. 

It all serves a purpose. And this possibly could be the start of you helping anyone else who ever finds themselves in a similar situation. You pray to God no one else goes through something similar, but sadly there will be others. So think of them. Be strong for you. But if you feel that’s being selfish, be strong for them. You never know how it may help someone else. 

Share your story, even if it makes you cry. Share your story as part of the healing process. Share your story so that others know they are not alone and that it is possible to overcome.