Get Yourself A Person Who…

You’ve heard that phrase, haven’t you? Y’know the one suggesting you to get you someone who does all sort of things mentioned on a custom list. 

A list made by someone who got treated right, felt special, thus wanted to share that treatment with others.

You never truly understood those kind of instructions. Until the moments you experienced some yourself. 

It’s always going to vary. Not everyone will appreciate or be fond of the same kind of treatment, but they start to make more sense when you have yourself a person doing the things that hold extra value for you.

Without further ado, here is an addition and/or reiteration of what’s already been suggested. 

Get yourself a person who (GYAPW):

Always walks with you to your car after a house visit. 

GYAPW never fails to mention, “drive safe” and “text me when you’re home”

GYAPW calls you when you take long to send, “I’m home” because they actually care to know if you made it safe. It happens, you forget sometimes because you run straight to the bathroom to do your biz…but when they call you can see they truly care.

On the bathroom topic:

GYAPW doesn’t mind talking with you while sitting on their throne. 

GYAPW you can feel comfortable with doing your doo-ties and talking with them too. Extra points if you can talk about your bowel movements because morning dumps are achievements you love to share.

GYAPW comes to the rescue when you’re using their loo and panic text them because there’s no toilet paper and they save your bum. Trust, this will be a funny story to share.

GYAPW won’t be mad to leave early from a game night with friends because you had too much dairy and your digestive system has now become your rival. When you gotta go, yo gotta go and when that person goes with you, despite them laughing at your current crisis, you’ve got and great partner. Another hilarious story to share.

In other spectrums, GYAPW loves adventuring with you at your local wally-world. 

Someone who enjoys grocery shopping as much as you. 

Someone who cooks and makes sure you’re well fed.

GYAPW, after your first day of work, invites you over to eat a meal with papas because they’re you’re favorite. On top of that, surprises you with a foot and calf massage because you mentioned you were extremely tired and hurting from all the standing. 

GYAPW hugs you, holds you, and high-fives you.

GYAPW gives you an ab workout with all the laughing you two have. 

Someone you feel comfortable with, and can always have a good time with. Someone who always wants you around around misses you when you’re not around. 

But best of all, GYAPW does the things that make you feel special. 

Because there could be items on this list that won’t mean much to you. But when you GYAPW does all the right things for you, you’ll feel some type of way. And in return, you’ll also be the type of person who will do great things for them in return.