I Tried ipsy and…

Hold up, before heading straight to my verdict, let me start off with the reason I tried it. Because tbh, I never considered it to be that great enough to ever try.

I know, I know, “how can you rule something out without even trying it?!”

To answer that question, it’s quite simple – why invest on something you don’t find beneficial or interesting?

Wait, what??? How can I, a female, that falls into the age range in which everyone is receiving ipsy, not be interested in a makeup up bag with 5 sample products each month?

Because it’s not my cup of tea.

Samples ought to be free. And, okay perhaps some are the real deal and not samples, but still. That was part of my thought process. And I stuck with that all the while I had friends brag about what they received in their bag. Next!

It wasn’t until once, one of my friends described the process to me. It seemed a little interesting at the time. Perhaps it was her way of marketing ipsy, but mainly I think it was the fact that I hadn’t been able to purchase anything online and I missed the thrill of receiving packages by mail that caught my attention the most. Yet, being unemployed at that point in time, I just felt like, maybe I ought to give it a chance one day.

HA! I leveled up from unemployed to employed and not once did ipsy cross my mind. Because again, not my cup of tea.

But all that changed the moment that same friend mentioned something about her being able to send codes for a free bag to her friends. And I was one of the ones she thought of. S/O to her BTW. 🌵

Thus, I took the opportunity, because free, duh! And okay, fine curiosity gnawed a little and I wanted to see what was up.

I swear, the wait for that bag seemed like forever. Then again that was before my first and only purchase on wish (more on that experience another day). It felt like ipsy was simply being gimmicky. And then I stopped waiting. And then I received an email. Spoilers of the contents. And I was like, uuuu, 4 out of 5 items seemed worth it after all. And the bag was totes cute! Eww, sorry let me get back to myself.

But yes, I was surprised it was actually okay for it being free. But I was going to cancel the membership because I was only in it for the freebie.

Yet, procrastination got in the way and soon I received another email stating May’s bag was on its way. I didn’t even bother to check the emails that followed, y’know the spoilers. Because I felt bad I actually spent $10 on something I never truly wanted in the first place. Pero ya que.

And then upon opening May’s bag, that was the moment I knew…

…I had to cancel that ish, asap.

Because, another brush wasn’t necessary. And seriously, although I was running low on my facial mist, the trial size is a joke. I did however like the crayon lipstick, and I have yet to try the moisturizer and the mini matte blur stick. But for the money spent on those miniature items, I think I’m better off spending them elsewhere.

Sorry, ipsy, but you’re just not meeting my criteria. And isn’t that what your all about? Matching one’s needs… or at least that’s what your survey had me thinking.

And yes, I’m aware I could’ve changed some items on the survey to fit my needs more. As well as, opt to receive the bags every other month. But nah. Like I was semi hooked with the first bag. But I got unhooked after May’s bag. I kind of want to give you another try, because I haven’t fully been able to use the products in this bag. And I think I ought to at least review them. But they are just too tiny for my liking.

Then again that’s the norm in makeup world. Overpriced beauty items. I’m just not used to purchasing all sorts of things for my face. I’m still old school. Moisturizer. Foundation. Powder. Y vamonos. Okay, okay, a little highlight here and there and some mascara because I love my eyes and eyelashes. But I just can’t keep up with all the makeup up trends that don’t seem to make sense to me. At least that getting rid of eyebrow hair only to pencil/shadow it in. Like, what even?

I just want a smoother complexion and I’m liking how my skin is clearing more and more. I’ll take clearer skin over an ipsy bag any day.

All in all, I tried ipsy and…

I don’t care for it.

Perhaps, you can get me to see it from a different perspective, but like can’t those $10 go elsewhere that I’ll actually like to spend on? Or is ipsy the place to start when knowledge about makeup is novice such as mine? I’m confused. But ipsy, I really think it’s you and not me.