Let’s Tech About…

My newish (because I’ve had it for a little over 2 weeks) laptop.

It’s none other than the beautifully sleek gadget that caught my eye. It truly was lust at first sight. Oh, how I coveted it. But I had to fight my impulses. So, fighting my impulses, I did.

And some time passed by. I could’ve easily stopped transferring money to my savings account and head to my local electronics store. Yet, I remained strong and pushed the impulses back.

I was strong, but it wasn’t easy. I surpassed my savings goal and had that extra paycheck, just sitting there. A decision took place.

I could’ve added a chunk of monies to my savings, but instead I opted for purchasing the laptop.

I worked hard for it! And although saving, would bump me closer to my end goal for the year, splurging wouldn’t hurt me financially.

All this talk and no mention of the laptop I purchased and I bet you’re wondering what I purchased.

Here it is the: HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 4K Ultra HD Touch-Screen Laptop.                                                                         


Now, there are two sizes for this type of laptop. Of course I chose the 15.6″ one. A laptop is meant to have a big screen, not tablet sized. If you want a tablet sized, buy a tablet!

Some of the basic features:
– Intel Core i7
– 16GB Memory
– 512GB SSD
– HP Finish In Dark Ash Silver (as shown above).

Oh, and it came with the free digital pen and leather case. Which just added more Yay!

It’s a bit on the pricey side, but aren’t all laptops these days? Like, a good one that you know fits your needs and one you’ll love?

And that’s exactly what enveloped. A lust turned into love.

love my laptop.

I can repeat that again.

I love my laptop.

No, but seriously, I love it. Its features. Its brightness. Its slim physique. Its ability to transform into tablet mode. Its ability to be used in tent mode (for them binge watching of shows). Just overall, it has been satisfying. And it’s appeal factor. Oh, its beautiful, sexy, appeal.

That finish is just one to drool over. Just don’t be drooling over my laptop because well tech issues. But it’s just one that matches my style.

Dude, I’m not even exaggerating. I love the dark ash silver finish.

I wish I had recorded my unboxing of the laptop, because even the box within the box that it came in made the unboxing experience all the better. It was lovely. I was amazed. I still am. You best believe I saved that box.

I wish I could state more about the features and stuff. But I’m still in that honey-moon phase. I’m “blinded” by the exterior. (Does that make me shallow?)

All in all, I love how it functions. Other buyer reviews weren’t exaggerating themselves.

It gets the job done. It has that wow factor. It’s light. It’s sleek. It is a 2-in-1, I mean that’s amazing. I know, there are other 2-in-1’s, but I’m glad I purchased this one, even though the day I went I had to order it in a store that is an hour and some away because my local one didn’t have it in stock. Yup, it was worth the drive. Even the rainy part of it.

I love it and am getting so much out of it.

And maybe this review isn’t helpful if you’re deciding on buying a laptop. But I guarantee that this isn’t a laptop that will disappoint.