Hola, Ms. Gloria

Teaching stuffed animals was so much easier!

Well, then again, it depended if they had feedback or not. And that depended on the made up dialogue 5 year old Gloria had made up that play day.

Fast forward many years later, (not saying how many cause if you’re not an English major, and  you actually do the math, you’ll know the age) I’m soon going to have my own class.

My very own class!

With real student’s y’all.

Students that will speak for themselves. I won’t have to be making up dialogue as with stuffed animals. Students that might have their head down falling asleep; (hopefully not!) Or be engaged and responsive and be like, “Ms. Gloria, me gusta su clase!”

Hey, I have high hopes. Se vale soñar…

Maybe I’m not in a school district. Maybe it’s not the way I envisioned – summers off, junior high, one-subject, ta-da-da… But it’s still teaching.

Most of the lecture will be in Spanish. Ay Dios mio!  You’re my mother tongue, but I’ve lost some Spanish words along the way. And didn’t practice teaching in Español con los toys. But, I think I got this.

I will be teaching ESL Learners. So, yay, I’ll still be teaching them English just at a totally different pace. And I cannot assign them reading assignments like all the lesson plans I envisioned my high school thru undergrad studies. Y’know have my class be like a “reading club.” Where you assign stories, books, novels, you name it and we all gather round for a group discussion of the material presented. That’s where the real fun is at. And teaching them English grammar and all that good stuff, but that will come in its perfect timing.

For now, I have to remember that sustantivo is how you say noun in Spanish. And that biblotecaria is the word for librarian and not library. So, I will have to hecharle mas ganas with this kind of teaching. View and review then review again the lessons to make sure I know what all the words of the worksheet translate to. Because I am so nervous to teach science in Spanish.

But this is where I’m at right now. In a non-profit organization where education services are rendered to English Language Learners (ELL).

A ver como me va. Espero que todo salga bien. 

-Ms. Gloria