2018 Summer Hamburger Award Goes To:

Let’s hold back on the drumroll.

First things first, as mentioned on my previous post, Mini Road Trip Recap, we decided on burgers. And I couldn’t have been happier than going to the restaurant we chose. Here’s the post as promised.

So, which was the burger joint that deserves it’s very own special review?

Okay, now let’s warm up the buns and start that drum roll. . .

It is none other than the thc

Texas Hamburger Company in San Antonio, TX.

I’m talking about Texas sized burgers, none of this fake fast food que-size-it-up that doesn’t even make the burger bigger, just the sides.

No, these are huge. I wish I had taken pictures, but at that point my phone was acting up. But, they were BIG. I thought I wouldn’t finish it. But, I did. And the side of fries was one of those red food baskets, filled. The good kind too. Just add salt to taste and squirt  some  lots of ketchup all over them. (Yes, I’m a squirter. And if you’re a dipper, you’re missing out on a lot of action).

Regardless, this isn’t a post about ketchup etiquecy. It’s about those burgers, man.

How Did We Decide On That Burger Joint?

Google Maps had a lot to do with it. We just searched, burger joints near me, and it was one of the closest by that had good ratings. I was a little iffy about it because one review said the only bad thing is that it doesn’t have combo choices. You must buy everything separated. But the pics we saw online were convincing enough. Plus, the layout of the restaurant looked like the ambience would be warm and welcoming. A comfortable, not rushed atmosphere to enjoy a meal after a long trip and wait at the hospital’s waiting room. After all, how bad could it be to add fries? I love fries. And I knew, just by looking at the pictures, they were good fries, that would lack a little salt, but still good because you can add it to taste. So we went to Texas Hamburger Company. And everything lived up to what we had spoke while deciding on a place. We made a good choice. Great teamwork!

What Did We Order?

Okay, so we were already expecting to not see any combos on the menu. So, it would be all separate additions, of fries, drinks, and of course onion rings, because it just makes the order more complete. So, yes we would have to splurge a little more, but it’s okay because food. But thanks to my partner’s keen eye, he noticed they have daily specials.

thcmenuAnd it so happened to be that Tuesdays they have a bacon cheeseburger for a good price. And, to top it off, the daily specials come with a side of fries and a drink. So much winning!

So we went for Tuesday’s Daily Special. Which is a first for me, because I don’t fancy cheeseburgers much, unless they are homemade burgers. And bacon, eh, I’m not a fan. But, I said, the more the merrier. And boy, it was just the right amount of bacon, not too much, not too little for you bacon lovers. And the cheese didn’t take the spotlight from the meat itself. You could still taste the meat. And boy, everything else that comes with: Mayo, Mustard, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles, and (I swapped the Onions for Grilled Onions). Mmm. Just Mmm!

The flavors were everything I wanted and more. I switched my fries for onion rings for a minimal fee and I’m glad I did. Don’t worry I still had fries, we shared. And it was just delicious over all. How I managed to finish my burger, half the fries, and the majority of the onion rings is abnormal. But it was just that delicious that I was able to do so.

Thus, Summer 2018 the best hamburger award goes to that Bacon Cheeseburger I had from Texas Hamburger Company in San Antonio, Texas.


Located on 9010 Huebner Rd.

If you’re ever in the area and are wanting a good, juicy burger, with toasted buns, and want to leave satisfied, I suggest to go there. They have so many other items on their menu, daily specials you can take advantage of, a nice, comfortable ambience, and friendly staff. Plus, they have Wi-Fi. Thank God!

And no, not because I’m a internet junkie. But it came in handy when my phone gave up during the meal. And even though something so scary like that happened, the food was comforting enough to make me feel a little more at ease. Or maybe I was super stuffed by then? Idk, but what I do know is that, I am not exaggerating, nor making a wrong judgement call by awarding the Best 2018 Summer Hamburger Award to Texas Hamburger Company. And trust me, I’ve had plenty a share of burgers this Summer.

And this one takes it all.