Friday Fitness

I’ve fallen and got myself back up countless times. Some days I wake up super excited about a workout regime, then there days where I have gone as far as saying, “skipping one day won’t hurt.”

Although that does ring a slight truth, it doesn’t help that that skipped day turns into weeks.

I’m guilty of that. I wish I had the drive I did that year that I quit many things cold-turkey and went for it. I was better prepared. More inspired. I reeked of determination.

Sadly, that went down the drain. It was the never ending yo-yo game. With ups and oh, so many downs.

Until recently. I was tired of having to use, wash, use, wash, use wash the only two pairs of blue jeans that still fit comfortably. Every other jean has been folded and put away. And they are great jeans. It’s so sad. And then one day I got on the scale and boy, oh boy what a high number. Too high for my height. An unproportioned petite.

That was my new “it” moment. I had to get my act together. I knew most of it was because I swapped the healthy greens with chips and sugary drinks. My “a little bit won’t hurt” mantra overly stuck and soon I was caught up in my own misconception. There was no visible way out of the junk food that swarmed me. Plus, it’s so hard now living with my partner that loves to buy cookies and chips.

I knew it would take more willpower from my part, but I wasn’t ready to give up my huge portions. So I did the “best” thing, ignore it. I did it for the longest I could. Until I couldn’t anymore.

Of course, that wasn’t the best thing to do. But it was easier to do that than to change my ways.

Until 2 weeks ago, when I actually put an end to those slothful ways. When I gave up fear of having to start from the very beginning. The grunting, the sweating, the pain. All of that. And I finally commenced Insanity Max :30.

I’ve had to modify so much. I’m definitely in no condition to try the “hard” way. Not yet. Well, at least not the first two weeks. Little by little, I’ve noticed progress and I have been able to tackle some of the exercises with Shaun T. For the most part, I’m still following the modifier. And I’m okay with it.

I am not going to force myself to do things I cannot. I will try them and when I max out, I’ll continue, but in a modified pace. I still notice progress.

My thighs were nothing but jiggles before. Even when flexing. Now, I still have the jiggles. They aren’t completely gone, but when I flex, you can feel the muscle.

Slow progress is still progress and I’m glad I decided to do this for myself. Plus, it gives me the opportunity to wake up early once again. And I feel better with this new sleep schedule.

This is the second week total. But, I did the first one as a trial week. To see how I would do. I didn’t do so bad. I mean, yes, there were those mornings, especially the second day, that I had thoughts like don’t do it, you’re in pain. But I pushed them aside. And morning three came along, same thoughts; pushed those too. I only missed one day the first week. And then this October 1st I decided would be the real start date, being that it was the 1st of the month and a Monday.

This is officially my Insanity Max :30 workout program I’ll be following. I’ve done it before, in my fit days. I would max out with greater times. But I never finished the entire program. This time around, I will. I have it set in my goals and in my heart and mind. I am determined to get as much results as I put in because I miss my healthier version and because I miss most of my jeans and skirts that aren’t fitting at the moment.

So, stick around if you’d like to know more about my fitness journey. I’ll be blogging about that every Friday for this Blogtober 2018.

Thanks so much for reading.

If you have any advice or similar stories you’d like to share, let me know in the comments. They are greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,