What Kind of Pie Are You?

You’ve seen the fairly new spoof zodiac descriptions? Y’know the ones that say you’re this type of princess according to your zodiac sign. Or zodiac signs in horror movies.
The ones first seen on tumblr. (Oh, the tumblr days.) Yes, those funny zodiac signs.

Well, I’m not much into astrology. I only know about 3 signs and even then not really. Because I don’t even know what dates they fall in. I don’t keep up with that kind of stuff, but the funny zodiac signs are always good to laugh with.

So, I decided to do my own version of one. But instead of your zodiac sign based on your birthday month. I even took some time to create a chart. A Pie Chart.

So read further to find out what kind of pie you are based on your birthday month. Or not. You could also stop reading and just bake some pie instead and eat it. That’s cool too.

Pie Chart

pie chart

January: Blueberry Pie.
All things blue. For some reason, January makes me think of the color blue. It could be the fact that I like the color blue for new beginnings. What better way than to start the beginning of the year with something blue. So, there you have it blueberry pie.

February: Cherry Pie.
Oh, the month of Love. What color comes to mind? Red. What else is red?  Cherries. Oh, look there you have it. If you’re born in this month, celebrate with a Cherry Pie.

March: Key Lime Pie
Spring is in the air. Automatically I think things blooming. Greener grass. I think the best pie for this month is Key Lime Pie. It has the perfect shade of green.

April: Apple Pie
I didn’t associate this month with a color. But, it has been stated that April Showers bring May flowers. And if it happens to be a rainy day, wouldn’t you like to be warm and cozy indoors. Grab a cuppa and a slice of Apple pie.

May: Moon Pie
Although technically it isn’t a pie, it still has the word pie in it. And they are still fun and good to eat. At least my palate seems to think so.

June: Banana Cream Pie
It’s summertime. No need to bake. Just enjoy this type of pie.

July: Peanut Butter Pie
Because if July-ke peanut butter you’ll like this type of pie on your birthday month.

August: Oreo Pie
Oreo crust and oreo crumbles. Seems like the type of pie you’d enjoy prior to starting school.

September: Coconut Custard Pie
Just because.

October: Pumpkin Pie
Not only because it’s my favorite pie and because it happens to be my birthday month. Okay, mainly because of that. You got me on that one. But homemade ones. Not store bought, those aren’t delicious.

November: Pecan Pie
Another delicacy to enjoy in the Autumn. Mmmm.

December: Raspberry Cheesecake
And to end things right. A raspberry cheesecake. Because red for the season. And white for the snow. Yes, berry good.

There you have it.

A different type of post. Possibly won’t be doing one like this. I have been lacking inspiration. It could be that everyone around me is sick. And I’m just feeling blah. Trying to steer clear from getting sick too.

Hope you enjoyed. And if you didn’t I apologize.

What’s your favorite pie? And if you don’t mind me answering, when is your birthday month? Did it even come close to what you like?

Thanks for reading.