Vintage Nopal

Welcome to Vintage Nopal. I’m so glad you found my “shop” Thank you for being here.

Why the quotations, you may ask.

A: Simply because this is more than just a shop. It is still a lifestyle blog that will now incorporate an online shop, which can be found under the tabs: Shop My Closet and Shop My Creations.


For those of you who have followed from the start, will know that Vintage Nopal was formerly known as:


And as far as new blogs go, it was going great. Feelings of excitement crept up every time new likes and follows occurred. Meeting fellow bloggers and discovering new blogs was always awesome. Forming part of blogging community was and is still a priority. So, yes, for the most part, it was going well. But it was time for something more.

Something that would make more sense than random postings. Something more scheduled – more fitting. Something suitable for what I envision this site to be.

An online platform that is more than just a lifestyle blog that contains DIY tutorials, recipes, reviews, and life updates.

I don’t want to transition from what has been laid out already, nor take away. Instead, I simply want to incorporate a shopping platform.


I felt something was missing. It turns out, I was leaving out the things that I’m always excited about doing.


My handmade creations. What better way than to showcase them here? Oh, and all my vintage finds that end up on my closet only to find that it is overflowing with items that haven’t been worn, but once, twice, sometimes none.

Thus, incorporating a shopping platform to my blog, where those interested can purchase here was the missing link.

This site is now a place where I can list items from my closet that need a new owner who will cherish and wear them. A place where my creations can be seen and shopped for.

I’ve been doing this for some time now with apps on my phone. But, I’d also like to list them here, with my very own brand, Vintage Nopal.

ABOUT Vintage Nopal

Vintage Nopal is a  lifestyle blog seasoned with Chicana spice. It is a place where I write about my life: teaching, tiny home project, reviews, DIY tutorials, and other stuff as seen on the tabs. But it has evolved into more. It is now also a small time operation owned and run by one gal (that’s me), Nopalitana and her beau. And just as the name entails, I do happen to sell vintage items. But it isn’t only vintage. Some items are new, like new, actually all conditions. It’s just the name I came up with. Which also happens to be my PSN online ID. It’s still a lifestyle blog. Now with the ability to shop my closet, from my thrift finds. As well as, shop some of my creations, such as home decor, greeting cards, shirts, and others. Plus, also the place where I will be able to sell the items I must rehome due to moving to smaller living quarters. Y’know the minimalistic lifestyle.


I started selling vintage on apps in 2017. I’ve had some great experiences and others not so good at all. I liked the selling aspect of it. Being able to find a new home to those items that I didn’t donate. Because I also donate a lot of my stuff. It’s just the items with greater value, whether it be sentimental or retail, that I would like to know with who they end up. It’s like finding a forever home for them and being able to be in touch with the buyers and the entire process is filled with meeting so many people. Messaging and ensuring the buyer the item is in great conditions and things like that. I dipped my toes in the water and I was hooked. Thus, I decided to branch out and incorporate selling on my site.

So, here am I; continuing my blogging, with different twists. And with the addition of selling those items that mean a lot to me here. Without restrictions of how many photos I can upload per listed item. Much more freedom.

I’d like Vintage Nopal to become my official part-time job starting 2019 and hopefully evolve into so much more.

VN is very much a reflection of my personal taste. I want the items in my closet to become the outfit you turn to time and time again. The ones you live your life in and create memories in. Clothing pieces that make you feel great and most importantly bring a taste of nostalgia. I want my handmade creations to add a sense of unique beauty. And more.

There is so much more I could share about Vintage Nopal, but I’ll let this site do the talking for me.

For those of you who follow me for the reading of my posts, don’t worry, I will still focus on blogging. This is just an addition to my site. A change in the name.

Because not all change is bad.

Thank you for sticking around. Thank you for your support. Which I must add, all the sales I make here will also be helping pay for my student loans and also towards that tiny home project.

Thank you.


(I’ll still be using that signature for a while longer)