Ponte Las Pilas 2019

2018 has been gone. And we are already in day 6 of 2019 and I’m barely writing my first post for this year (not to mention it was after a looooong absence).

Am I even going to live up to my resolution: ponte las pilas for 2019?

The whole point of me even coming up with that is because of my slacking, semi-slothful ways. Because I wasn’t an entire sloth 2018. I accumulated many hours of overtime + had my side hustles. Yet, I feel I didn’t give it my all. 89% wasn’t enough. So the one resolution I could think of was/is: Ponte las Pilas 2019.

If you’re latin@, chican@, or hispanic like this nopalitana, then you’ll know what I mean by it. For those of you who have never heard of here’s a little breakdown.

If we go to the literal lexical translation: ponte las pilas is “put on the batteries.” But that is too vague. The meaning is absolutely lost in translation. It means more to put on your batteries, but not really.

it’s a metaphor

Since meaning is lost in translation a clearer explanation is: it’s a way of saying, get yourself together. It’s also something you can say to someone being lazy, slow, tired, or not focused. It can mean to get to work, look, alive, or put some energy into it.

I of course am telling myself to get myself and my stuff together.

Thus, this year me voy a poner las pilas. I even have my little reminder on my letterboard (as seen on the featured image).

I won’t run on AA nor AAA batteries. I won’t be solar powered, although, I should get my daily intake of Vitamin D from outdoors. I’ll have to incorporate that and other vitamins in my diet. And by diet I mean food intake, not any of those fads in attempts to starve deprive myself of certain foods. Now, I’m not stating I couldn’t use it. I’ll just get myself together and eat balanced meals as opposed to my unbalanced ones.

I will get myself together in more ways than just that.

Overall, when I feel myself slacking, whether it be in my physical routines, my food intake, my side hustle, or this blog, I will “put on my batteries” and get my act together. That’s what I have set for this 2019.

I’m ready for the 360 days that remain.