These Tools Put the Power in Power Tools

Now, I am not a powertool expert. I haven’t used many brands. But from the 3 that I have, I can say that the ones I am about to write about are my favorite.

Before proceeding, I’d just like to say that this post is not endorsed nor sponsored by the brands I will mention. I am not affiliated nor earn comission with writing what I will in this post. It would be nice, but I don’t. I am simply writing my opinions of the powertools. With that being stated, let’s commence!


Okay, so I am becoming obsessed with a certain brand of powertools. Perhaps out of this obsession stems me standing behind them and vouching for them. But I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have reasons behind it.

So, What Are the Reasons?

Well, that’s easy to answer. First I’ll start off with what any masochist patriarch would expect a female to say about the tools, “I like their color.” Quite frankly, because I do. Which is weird because I’ve never been a fan of the color. I’d say the color, but that would give away the tools. I’d like to build a little more suspense. Unless you think you can guess correctly by this reason.

No, but I really do like the color. They do have different colors, but this recent line is just unique and eye catching.

Reason no. 2 (in case youre counting), they have a variety of tools and then some. They don’t just focus on powertools they have more. And so etimes when a brand tries to venture in different areas, things aren’t that great, but from the little I’ve experienced, it’s enough to impress me. And im not easily impressed. So yes, that counts as 1 and a half reasons in one. Dont it?

Numero 3.5 the cordless features. Okay, so many other brands have this so maybe it shouldn’t be a reaso, but the tools I used prior were all corded, and just having them cordless is amazing (pronounced uhhmazing! – extra points if you read it like that on the first try).

Fourth and final, is the power. After all it’s in the title, right?! They are just amazing. They get a job done and they are high quality. That’s another reason itself. Plus, the ease of use. Simply wow!

So maybe my post isnt doing them justice. I haven’t been able to use them much. They aren’t mine. Although I refer to them as “our” tools when I talk to my beau. In reality they were his gift from me. Had I known beforehand, let’s just say he would’ve received a beard comb instead.

In all seriousness though, I should reveal the tools im referring to. Have you tried guessing? Think you know?

Let me just tell you. They are none other than:


Yup! Any other Ryobi fans users out there?

And im referring to their limegreen or is it neon-green line?


Those ^^^ I love them. Everything about them. How they work. Their cordless feature and durability. No joke, we had to return several hypertough oscillating tools, and sander because they give out after a few uses. I guess that’s what to expect from low priced tools on rollback. They did a good job at first, until the workload became more than it could handle. And clink off came the velcro and if not that the screw.

We needed better tools. And I had seen how he searched and searched for some. To be honest, I wanted to go for Ridgid, but pricewise my bank account wouldn’t be too content. Then I saw the Ryobi line and that happens to be his favorite color so I just had to go for that extra wow factor. Even better, I didn’t even pay full price for the tool kit. And it came with two extra batteries. Winning.


A lady was selling her not so used tools. So, yes I did go a little cheapskate on that gift, but I also got him a tv series that was new. Don’t be so quick to judge. But it’s totally okay. We look for great deals like that and yes he knows they were used. And he loved the gift either way.

To top it off, they look new and unused. Which makes it valid to say they are durable. Still functions as new even after being pre-owned.

I’m just so happy he’s happy with them. And that he lets me use them and lets me say “our” tools even though they are his. I just want to keep adding to the collection. So far we have the sawzall, drill, circular saw, oscillating tool, the flashlight, three batteries, charger, and we recently added the Ryobi score (speaker) and bro!!! Amazed again.

Next on my list, my own jigsaw. He is doing with another, but I want it to match. I use the jigsaw more than him. And I’d like the sanding tool too. Oh, and I also want the router. And the list goes on.

I like the tools. Cannot wait to build my own pegboard wall and have them hang there instead of resting in their matching green Ryobi toolbag. There’s nothing wrong with the toolbag. Pretty neat especially for lugging them around. And all without having to worry about outlets and extension cords, and will it reach all the way over here. And moving the cord out of the way. Yay, for cordless. The pegboard is just for aesthetics. I have dreams of making our own work shed. A home for all our tools and projects neatly organized, stored, and hung. Enough daydreaming, back to the post.

Like I said, maybe there are better tools out there; the same way there are worse ones. But I am pleased with these, and I hope it stays like this for years and many more projects to come.