Countdown to…

…our small town’s rodeo. We may not have a Whataburger, nor many places actually, we barely have a Walmart and it’s a small one at that, but we do have a rodeo.

Our town may be small, but our rodeo is a BIG deal.

School’s even have rodeo week. I miss those gradeschool years. But, yeah it’s that fun, cool, and awesome.

It takes place on the third weekend of February. Which means this year it will land on the 15th, 16, and 17th. I am counting down the days.

What’s the big hype? 

So why did I decide to blog about this? Well, it’s not so much as propaganda to the rodeo. In part, yes, in part no. I mean it’s pretty fun if you haven’t been, you should. There’s also a carnival right next door if you’re not into seeing men in boots ride a bull. There’s other stuff too. Like the vendors. Aha, that’s the part I’m excited about. Not to discredit the other stuff too. Because it’s all cool. The only difference is that this year my beau and I are thinking of attending as vendors.

Yup, we do. See, my boyfriend has his farmhouse furniture side hustle that I help him with. It’s something he recently started in 2018. It has been going pretty well. And we decided to get his small-business out there even more.

So, Vintage Nopal will be joining Daniel’s Den Creations as a vendor in our small town rodeo. We have spoken to the person in charge. Unfortunately she still doesn’t have the layout so we still don’t know the vendor spot. But we are waiting on her and as soon as we do, I’ll be sure to keep you all posted (assuming locals read my blog). If not, well, eh.

So, yes Daniel’s Den Creations is his small-business. Where he builds farmhouse furniture among other things. And well since I also have some woodwork up my sleeves, I will be taking my stuff and selling there as well.

So much excitement accompanied with a tablespoon of nervousness is what I’m feeling at the moment. But I’m hoping it goes well and we get a spot and that we can sell and get our creations out there even more.

We started with the app letgo and a little of craigslist here and there, but we want to expand and have other people who do not have access to those two platforms know about us. That is why we are doing it.

Plus, you get to meet so many people in the process and it’s pretty neat. And this is coming from a gal who sometimes suffers from social anxiety.

We’ve met several people and they end up becoming returning customers. I don’t like to refer to them as customers, because through the messages and meeting them they feel like a lot more.

Well this is the update for the upcoming month. And for the past two weeks and the remainder of days until the rodeo starts, we have and will continue working on our woodwork.

There’s been a lot of sanding, staining, nailing, sawing, and more. And it has been fun.

Have you ever been to a rodeo? Have you ever been a vendor? Share any details or information that could help us. We would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You.