Rodeo Artisan Market

Hey, recall the countdown to participating at the rodeo in our small town…No? Here’s the link, Countdown to…

Well, that was this past weekend, (15, 16, & 17 of February). And, I didn’t go as Vintage Nopal. Well, half-true, because I did take a few of my items that were “fitting” but mainly I went to help represent my beau’s hustle, Daniel’s Den Creations. 

Why? Because I’m as clingy as a leech and had nothing better to do, plus I’d be that much closer to funnel cake. No, but because I’m the kind of girlfriend who helps and supports her boyfriend. I’d be a lousy cheerleader if I had stayed at home, where there is no funnel cake, instead of cheering him on by his side.

So, that’s what we had been up to. I may have been silent on this little part of the web, but I was out there sanding, and staining, and engraving, and all that fun stuff. All to get ready for we had our reservation to become vendors at the Rodeo.

And that’s exactly what we did. And it was an experience. We didn’t sell out as we had hoped for with our corazoncitos, but we did sell some of our pieces and got several custom orders, yay! I wish I had taken more photos. I sold some of my pieces, and I didn’t even take pictures. I blame the dehydration for not thinking straight before parting with my creations. Seriously, it was HOT, HOT, HOT.

I discovered more things about being a vendor which I’ll share with you another day, for anyone curious into becoming one, or starting one, or anyone willing to hear and even criticize what I have to write. That’s cool too. No, seriously. I could use constructive criticism. I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong and where I could do better.

Well, here are the few pictures I did get to take. And they all pertain to the 1st day. Pardon our set up skills, estabamos bien verdes. <that translates to noobs, but it’s funnier in Spanish.20190215_164124

Okay, so our set up looks like we are uncentered and throwing everything off and we have no clue as to what we were doing (cause we had little clue). Or is that just me? Okay, so we had never been vendors at the rodeo. And we only set up on 10×10, but this time since we had more furniture pieces, we opted for 10×20. We did get many compliments on our set up, but being the picky person I am, constructed a list of things I could do better. Which I’ll save for another post.  I’ll hush now, and try to limit my narrating and let the pictures do the talking. (If I had a mic, I wouldn’t drop it just yet, because well, that’s not a good ending). Anywho, back to the pictures.


Quick interruption here, sorry. I wish I had taken more night photos. Where our light set up could be seen. But I only took two. 😦

20190215_190434 20190215_190454

Well, that was Day 1 set-up and the only day I took pictures. Day 2 we tried something different, and it seemed to have benefitted us. I can see now other things I should’ve done differently.

It was exhausting. It was fun. It was an experience. And I took a lot from it, except for that funnel cake that I so much coveted. I never did get one. I don’t know why. The stand was diagonally in front of ours. Approximately 48 steps away, maybe more for me since I don’t have long legs. And there was even kettle corn in front of us and not even that. Lame me went for a giant corn dog. I was famished and was fooled by the word GIANT. It was a skinny corn dog. Maybe like putting 1.5 corndogs together. Frozen aisles have better tasting corn dogs. Like I said, I learned to do things differently if we decide to vend at the rodeo again.

We got ourselves out there. We made some sales. We met other vendors (our neighbors were really cool and friendly) and spoke with several winter Texans and then some.


Thanks for reading.