Things I Would Do Differently

20190215_164124 See that awesome picture? No? Me, neither. I didn’t take a good picture and even if I had gotten a better angle, it wouldn’t have been that much better.

Oh, that’s not negative Nancy. That’s picky Glo. “Glo doesn’t start with a P, it’s not even aliteration.” Correct, but it is my nickname so just glo with it.

I can be really picky sometimes. Just ask my beau. Better yet, don’t ask him, he tends to exaggerate and will state I am picky more than just sometimes. #truestories

But I do tend to do it in a way to become better or do something better. It’s also a truth that I love lists. Not those boring to-do lists. Although a list is a list, I prefer lists I make regarding observations, learning experiences, and things of that sort. Chores list, yuck. Thank you, next!

With those quick bios being stated, it’s no suprise I constructed a list that has been sitting in my mind since my last event at the rodeo artisan market. A list that I’d like to share on my blog.

Okay, so you did see the picture though, right? Here it is again. 20190215_164124

That was day 1 of our set-up. And it’s aight. But it looked so much better at night. But, I promised it didn’t stay that way for the 2nd day. No sir, ma’am, and miss.

We got many compliments. But nowaday not all compliments mean a thing. Not everyone is as blunt as myself and some people for lack of words say a compliment even when they don’t mean it. But, it did look nice. So, I’m taking it as every cowboy and cowgirl that told us so, meant it. 😉 Yeehaw!

So, why the list then?

Because my picky-self is well-aware that things had to be tweaked and could be better for future times.

Now before proceeding let me mention this is the set-up for Daniel’s Den Creations not Vintage Nopal. I’d have possibly been more harsh if it were mine. Who is DDC? My beau’s own hustle which I get to be a part of and lend a helping hand. Because united we stand. And blah, blah, blah.

Let me get to the points I started picking at that formed the list.


  1. Everything was too scattered. Meaning, it lacked a focal point. Ah, now you see it. At first you weren’t aware of what you were supposed to be looking at, did you? Sure, it’s furniture and you have several models, but which one do I linger the most on? Exactly! This set-up was as if the pieces were screaming, “look at me” as another one inabruptly interrupted with a higher pitch voice, “no, look at me!”
  2. You got the spacing right, incase people decided to go into your tent and get a “closer look.” Guess, what people expect the closer look to be even closer. Go figure. Don’t even complain, al cliente lo que quiera. –Check you got that one right on day 2 of the event. Yay, picky you!
  3. Funnel Cake.
  4. Make more use of those “cubbies”/”shelves” after all that’s what they are for, for displaying stuff. Add more to them. -Check you got that done in your tweaking after the picture was taken. Because remember, it is okay to tweak things around your booth even after set-up has been done. At least those little things that can be moved around. If it benefits you, do it. And you did it girl!
  5. Ignore beau’s comments about the netting looking, “too fancy.” Because you dig it and it gives it that extra oomph or whatever you were going for. Only to replay it in your mind over and over, what if it’s true. What if he’s right. But you left it on because you knew it would be a tedious job to take off and put back on when you leave for the day.
  6. Realize beau was right when he states, we just set-up a booth that looked like a cool hangout, but didn’t seem like we were selling anything. Yup! That seemed true. It was like too pretty to be touched. And people love to touch things. -Check we changed it out for day 2. 🙂
  7. This would look so more chill and cool if we had a rug instead of the dirt. To this day, I cannot shake that thought off my mind. I don’t know if it had made a difference in generating more sales, but I know it would have looked more pleasant to the eye and well, maybe next time.
  8. Table covers go a long way. Our table was bare. Next time I’m thrifting I’m looking at the table covers. Yes, that’s what I’m doing next time I go. Look around, everyone has table covers. Noobs.
  9. Should I get funnel cake now? No, wait til it’s darker and carnival lights are on.
  10. Next time let’s stick with one 10×10 spot not the 10×20. And less models.
  11. Next time, let’s not even bring DDC’s  big items. Let’s stick with the things that are easier to carry and fit on tables, but remember table needs a cover. Oh, and just have brochures ready. Flyers are cool, too, but brochures fit more information. Oh, and people ask for business cards more, so maybe make some of those too. Why did  you have to second guess yourself. You would’ve had the cardstock had you bought it instead of second guessing yourself, genius!
  12. Okay, just bring a few of the big items, not all and use it as tables. Ohh, I just thought of another model we could make.
  13. I should’ve separated my inventory from his. Whatever the revenue is going to our savings for that place to live. Yay, for being with him.
  14. Gosh, it’s so hot, why didn’t I bring any sports drinks. Water isn’t doing it for me. -Check you did this for the next day.
  15. I don’t think I ever want to vend again. Ugh, we were put waaaay in the back. Ahh, okay now I’m just hangry.
  16. Funnel cake now? No, still early go get Giant corndog and fries instead.
  17. Should’ve packed our own lunch.
  18. Oops, we forgot to put up our string lights. Let’s take a break from selling and put them up. Ay, how could we have forgotten. Whatever, just do it now or forever hold your peace. -Check got that done.
  19. I’d love to do this again but next time Vintage Nopal doing my thing. My shirts, my jewelry, my creations. (This is the point I started planning a totally different set-up for a future vending)
  20. Event is ending, time to wrap things up. Oh, crap we forgot to bring the tarp to cover things. This netting is too revealing. Good thing we live closeby. Let’s go and come back. Alright -Check.

And then she didn’t get her funnel cake that day, but she was hopeful for the next day.

The next day came and she learned a few other lessons. For instance, the day before she had worn pink because she read that soft colors attract more people. Being the way she is, putting things to the test, she did so with this. And she came to the conlcusion that it’s not true. People don’t care about what you’re wearing. Wear whatever you feel comfortable with and you’ll attract more people, because you will look more at ease.

That’s exactly what she did. She wore one of her tshirts that she has for sale, walked around. People saw the shirt in their minds. It worked as advertisement and sales for the shirt were generated.

Add to the list:

  1. Take extra toilet paper because theirs will run out. Good thing you had so many napkins. Phew.
  2. Next time we are scoping any venue before becoming vendors.

And that’s how it played out in her mind.

You’d think that would have been the day she got her funnel cake? Sadly she didn’t. She will have to wait for Charro Days. Where hopefully she’ll get that and churros. Do they even sell those there? I don’t know never been. Hope to find out.

Thank You.