Leather Drop Earrings

Have you seen those leather drop earrings? Aren’t they just cute?! Even better they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. So many wows.

So, I am not sure how long they have been a trend, or what, but now too long ago I discovered them. And I was enamored. 😍 Yup.

And so I was feeling crafty the other week and decided, why don’t I try and make some??? So I looked at how-to videos, said to myself, “myself, you can totally do that!” So, I ordered some supplies, watched more videos as I waited for them to arrive.

Fast forward to when the doorbell rings the other day and the box is in my possession. Yays were said and the fun began.

And now, I have myself 8 different designs. I’m so excited. And I’ll be working on more items and hopefully soon post them on all my social media platforms and have enough inventory to possibly set up at a artisan market. But of course, I’ll take all the learned experience with me prior to selling somewhere. I’ll be scoping and crafting and creating displays for the earrings and then some.

Thought I’d share that with you today.

Thanks for tuning in.


Gloria Yasmín