Leather Drop Earrings Pt. 2

Hi y’all!

I’m still hyped about those leather drop earrings I wrote about in my previous post. (You can read all about that here).

As promised, I was going to post pictures of them soon. And today is the day. Below you’ll find a slideshow of my very first leather drop earrings. They are simple, nothing too fancy, but yet they are very cute. At least I think so. amirite?

I’ll be packaging them in their little baggies and including my contact cards (as earring holders) in the same baggie. I’m still working on which design to use. I’ve made several. I’ll host a poll on my twitter and IG hoping you and others could help me decide.

I’m really excited for this new venture. I am. I hope it goes well.

Now, I’ll shush and leave you with the slideshow.

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Thanks for watching,