Writing Goals

Half of 2019 has gone. We start the second half today. Although I’ve been in hiatus, (due to the loss of a loved one) I am back and I have set some writing goals for my WIP.

Oops, let me hit rewind and let you in on what I was doing prior to the loss and what I’m working on post grief.

I had started the first draft on what I thought would be my debut novel. Something I had planned on keeping secret (except to my significant other and my mother) until finishing that draft, but I can now publicly share because that work is paused.


Well, it has to do with grieving my beloved paternal grandmother. It hit us out of nowhere and well, that’s part of life. So, what I thought would only be a pause until I managed to go through my mourning, it became a longer halt. It occurred one Sunday morning, the 23rd of June to be exact when I felt inspired to write about something else. So, now I am currently working on my first draft to the idea that sprouted when joy came after mourning.

So, why am I publicizing that one and not the other? Because I am thinking of going the indie route and I need to start getting as much propaganda as I can. But mainly because I feel it will be better to journey my writing endeavors with others to not only keep me accountable but to share it with others who might be interested in what I have to say. I promise it will be much better than this diary feeling post.

So there you have it. I am currently working on that first draft of my book. I’m finally doing it guys. And I’m even setting up an author website. Because I no longer want to be just an aspiring author. I want to be that author 7 year old me dreamed of becoming.

So, I’ll be sharing all things writing on the other site and a little easter eggs here as well.

With that being stated, I have come up with a writing challenge for the remaining half of 2019. It goes a little like this:

The Writing Challenge

Write at least 500 words each Monday – Saturday. I plan to rest on Sundays.

Some days I’ll feel inspired to go beyond the 500 and that’s okay. I also hope the following won’t occur, but there may also be those days where I won’t feel inspired to do so. But I vow to do this challenge to the best of my abilities.

I made monthly spreadsheets with word count documentation. (Pictured Below)

Date Word Goal Words Written DATE Word Goal Words Written
7/1/2019 500 7/16/2019 500
7/2/2019 500 7/17/2019 500
7/3/2019 500 7/18/2019 500
7/4/2019 500 7/19/2019 500
7/5/2019 500 7/20/2019 500
7/6/2019 500 21-Jul 0
7/7/2019 0 22-Jul 500
7/8/2019 500 23-Jul 500
7/9/2019 500 24-Jul 500
7/10/2019 500 25-Jul 500
7/11/2019 500 26-Jul 500
7/12/2019 500 27-Jul 500
7/13/2019 500 28-Jul 0
7/14/2019 0 29-Jul 500
15-Jul 500 30-Jul 500
31-Jul 500
WG Total: 6500 7000 Word Goal Total 13500
WW Total: 0 0 Words Written Total 0

It looks much better in Excel. But there’s the idea. I will document everything. Besides, Sundays, I hope there are no other zero days. But, I’ll see.

There are 184 days left. Out of those, 26 are Sundays. If you do the math, that’s a total of 160 days where I will write 500 words. That totals to 79,000 words by the end of the year. That is definitely more than what I intend to write for the book I’m working on. So I should be done with the first draft before the end of this year. God willing.

Which means I will also be able to write other content. But, only after finishing that first draft. I will dedicate this challenge primarily to the book and then the second book, which happened to be the first one that is currently paused.

I cannot wait to see how this challenge will work for me. As mentioned before, I will not limit myself to just 500 words on the days when I am on fire. I will continue to write until I can. But on the days where it’s harder to write, I think is when this will prove to be a real challenge. But one that I am ready to tackle, nonetheless.

I believe it will be a lot of fun and enable me to get further done with the first draft. In the end, I just hope that the more that I write daily, the more that I will want to keep writing and the easier it will become.

I will be that much closer to achieving my goals within the next 6 months. And I’m glad. Small steps, every day, add up.