Something New

Hi. I’d like to introduce the newest section of my blog: Product Reviews I even made a quick and simple banner and logo take a look…

I’ve always been fascinated with writing product reviews on my online purchases, I decided to include a section for it here on my blog here with product reviews as well. If you’re into reading reviews, bookmark this page and follow me on my freshly launched Facebook page too. I’d greatly appreciate it.

Most products will be from Amazon. So if you currently don’t have an amazon subscription to Prime (which is not needed, btw, but comes in handy if you’re an online shopaholic and would love to save on free shipping and other perks) you can easily learn more about that here.

But don’t worry, you can still purchase the items I’ll be reviewing and posting without Amazon Prime. You’ll just have to keep in mind price differences may occur.

I will post products I have purchased and used myself and that I feel range from good to excellent products. I am doing this because I love reviewing products and spreading the word out to others who could be interested in similar products. Whether it be for personal use or to gift. Also, because I have a semi-online shopping addiction and this will make me feel a little better about it. Lol, but mainly to help others make a decision on whether or not they would be interested in purchasing the items I have listed.

Most products are purchased with my hard earned cash, but there have been quite a few that I have been gifted, but deserve a review, so I will list as well. I must also disclose that a few products have also been gifted for the sole purpose of being tested to be honestly reviewed. Hence, where I came with the idea of “branding” my review page as honestglo. In the event items were gifted for testing and reviews, I will always disclose that information. Although, I was gifted the items, I vow to still give an unbiased review and be entirely honest. After all, honesty is my thing.

Speaking of disclosures, I must also state that I take part in something called affiliate marketing. This means that sometimes, when you purchase something through a link on this site, I may get a small commission. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you an extra penny. But in no way does this influence why I chose the products nor does it influence my reviews. I will be upfront about everything.

That’s a wrap. Be on the lookout for my recent product reviews. I have purchased several items. As soon as they arrive, I’ll be posting my reviews on them.

Thank you for your continuous support,