Baby Bibs

Let’s talk about baby products. Bibs to be more specific.

I had the chance to test the following product:


After testing I decided it was a product worthy of a review here on the blog. Targeted for my mom friends or any other mother out there who might be wandering about an ideal bib that isn’t so “messy”

This package comes with 3 bibs made entirely out of silicone. They are adjustable and the clasps are silicone too. They have a little “container” on the bottom of the bib to collect all the scraps that are bound to fall when your baby is eating. That’s a neat concept. Keeps baby feeding time, less messy. Plus, the material of the bib makes it really easy to clean. Seriously, it beats having to turn on the washer only to find out that the dark sweet potato stains on the white cloth bibs weren’t able to come off. You won’t have that issue with these. They are extremely easy to clean. You can wipe with a wet washcloth and then just wash by hand with your other dishes. To make things even better, they claim to be dishwasher safe. How cool is that? In addition, they are unisex for the most part, except for one of the bibs. But that’s my opinion. Others may think differently. The messages are funny and cute.

Those are the pros, but like every product there are some cons as well. And I wouldn’t be able to continue calling this section of the blog, honestglo if I wasn’t honest in my reviews.

Here it goes: The packaging of the 3 silicone bibs has appealing colors and it’s on the small spectrum, which is good because it doesn’t take much space. The odd thing about the packaging is that it states it’s “for children aged 4 months to 10 years” which I think is a typing/printing mistake. A simple mistake that makes the product seem less reliable. Aside from that typo, the box itself is a little flimsy. It came damaged, but luckily it didn’t damage the items inside.

Silicone Bibs Packaging  20190723_150137

Moving on to the product themselves. It comes with 3 different colored bibs with different sayings. A green one that reads as follows:

20190723_150214 I think the placement of the bow is strange. And this is the bib I feel isn’t as unisex friendly, but again, that could just be me? Still, a cute/funny saying.

The second bib is red and it reads as follows: 20190723_150240 Which is cute. And the third bib is black and reads as follows:20190723_150258Which is probably the funniest of all. Being that we are talking about the sayings, the downside was that the printing was sloppily done. The following are pictures where you can see the unpleasant mistakes.

20190723_150316 20190723_150328 20190723_150338

Now, if you can overlook those little printing mistakes, then it’s worth the buy for it’s other neat properties. The material, the ease of cleaning, and the durability. Plus, they are easy to unclasp. The clasping is a little harder so there’s that downside too.

Well, overall the concept is ideal for less mess. Plus, the spoon is comfortable and great for babies to use.

If you’d like to order them, here’s the link:

Because the little mistakes are easy to overlook due to the durability and ease of cleaning, I rate this product a  solid 4.0.