Wall Traveled

Wall Traveled Wednesdays

Hi! Its been a minute.

Ive been planning and prepping several projects. Some which I cannot reveal yet. And one that Im launching today!!!


Wall Traveled Wednesdays con  hashtag y todo!  You can find it on Instagram 😊 and read all about it here too

What is Wall Traveled Wednesdays?

Wall Traveled Wednesdays is the project that will enable me to showcase my art-filled wall findings. Ive made it a mission to scout and visit places (both near and far) to find art-filled walls to use as my backdrop. Ill be traveling, scouting for walls; wall traveling. Ill capture a shot (or several) with the walls I come across. Then, Ill post them on here and on my Instagram account @bloomsgloriously. The moment I post it, wall traveling will become past tense; thus, calling it Wall Traveled Wednesdays.

Why Wednesdays?

Because Ill be posting every Wednesday. Also, as an alliteration aficionada, I opted for that day. It has a ring to it.

So, expect to see a Wall Traveled post every Wednesday as the name suggests.

Reasoning Behind the Project

I am extremely into photography and I am easily won over by beautiful wall art. I wanted to put the two together and start a portfolio of sorts. So, I decided to bring to light, and practice once more, my self-portrait photography. Except, its been a challenge with social anxiety at bay. But, challenge accepted as the meme circa 2010 or as Barney Stinson would say. So, I went out of my way and purchased a cellphone tripod and a wireless shutter remote to capture my shots in public.

EEEEK! I know, I know. I feel it! But, how else will I be able to get over the accumulated anxiety over taking my camera and shooting self-portraits in public? I seriously, cannot think of a better way.

Im done wishing I had the courage to take pictures the way many of my fellow Instagrammers, that I follow, take themselves. Im not going to get anything done by sitting in my comfort zone, wishing as I double tap at others with the courage. Im going to put my big girl panties on, and just go. Because lets face it, the boyfriend will not always be up for taking your pictures, when you randomly find a wall. Plus, he cannot envision the same thing you do which will call for frequent retakes which will irritate him.

SN: I wasnt #blessed with an Instagram husband. Im not even married, yet. LOL. But if bae were to pop the question and after analyzing the pros and cons, I were to reach the conclusion of saying, yes, which will in turn allow me to use the hashtags #isaidyes and #shesaidyes, well I still wouldnt have an Instagram husband. But shout out to all my fellow ladies who have a partner who actually enjoys being your personal paparazzi. And where can I find one? I kid, but seriously how did you manage that? I can only hope and pray that one day my bae will see how much IG means to me and want to be a part of it with me. But even if he doesnt, well, its okay because he has his gaming and I have this. Dont get me wrong, he is supportive of me and my Instagramming and all the scouting and everything else it entails. and he does sometimes ask, want me to take a picture without me asking him to take my picture and thats nice of him. Thanks for that. This is not me complaining, this is just me saying, yall are extremely lucky if you dont have to be the one asking, and they do it willingly without complaining.

So, the wishing has stopped, and the doing has commenced. Getting comfortable with self-shooting is one reason. Leaving my comfort zone is another all whilst discovering new art places. Because sometimes I feel like theres not many aesthetically pleasing walls to shoot at where Im from. But I want to prove myself wrong. Because if I stay indoors all the time, Ill continue to miss out on appreciating beautiful art near and far. As well as the opportunity to create new art.


What to Expect

Expect progress. With that being stated, please allow my first posts to not be up par with the greats on Instagram. Ive been a little rusty with my photography and have lost acquaintance with my self-photography skills. I hope the art-filled walls can make up for that.

Expect to see walls that you may have already seen others pose in front of. I come from a small-town, so chances are that locals will be so over those walls by now. In the event someone not from around the southernmost tip of Texas is my friend (follower) maybe my walls will not be old news. And yay for that.

Expect to see me tag: my location, the wall artist (when known), my outfit or partial outfits (when applicable to be purchased), my handmade accessories (when applicable), and the photographer (if and when the boyfriend took the shot or if someone else did).

Expect to see a lot of me.

Expect to see a variety of walls.

Expect to see art. Art. And more art.

Expect to see the hashtag #welltraveledwednesdays on my posts,


There you have it. My new project. Launching today and going live on my Instagram as well.

If you are interested in seeing what I have in store for this project come back every Wednesday or visit my Instagram profile. I wish I could state a specific time, but Id rather give myself some wiggle room when needed. But note, it will be between 11 AM 4 PM every Wednesday for the duration of this project. Which for the record, doesnt have an end date as of today.

Thanks for reading.