One day, as Gloria Yasmin poured a freshly brewed cup of steaming herbal tea, she was hit with the idea of creating a sister site to her former blogs: Happening Write Now & Vida-Style.

A site that would showcase her creativity, nature, and roots. A place to talk about food, crafts, family, career, and of course, Frida Kahlo. Y’know her cuppa.

Space where she could include her handmade cards and crafts for sale. Where she could authentically be herself and journal anything and everything that is Happening Write Now. In addition, a place where she could give advice – some good, not so bad, and in-between real advice. With the addition of some stories you may or may not want to read about.

Topics you may find here are similar to those that most lifestyle bloggers write about: cooking, fitness, relationships, trying new products, being Latina, and then some.

This is my new project. And I’m really excited about what’s to come.

I am not perfect, so by default, this site won’t be either.

Regardless, thanks for coming along with me.

Enjoy. ☺

Posting Schedule

I’ll post at least, once a week.