Meet the Blogger

Gloria Yasmin is an aspiring author, barely a blogger, and creator of Nopalitana – a Chicana-based blog, inspired by her love for cacti and puns.

I’m a 20-something, second generation Mexican-American, Southern Texan native. My love for Tejas is almost as big, if not more, as the state itself. Culture has become such an important aspect of my life, and I’ve integrated it into almost everything I do as a writer and as the crafty and creative “newbie” greeting card artist I’ve turned into.

I graduated from UTRGV, with an English baccalaureate degree. So even though my roots are Mexican, tambien hablo Ingles.

For as long as I can remember, (and I remember quite a lot) I’ve always dreamed of one day becoming a well-known writer. I may not be well-known, (just yet), but I have the writer part down.

With my ever alive author aspirations, I decided to commence my journey by blogging.
I’ve gotten better at it. And I’m extremely excited for it.

I spent the last years writing on paper with the occasional sharing with others online.

It wasn’t until months back that I gathered more courage and moved my thoughts and tips onto my former blog site.

It started out with writings about stuff happening write now (yes, I love puns) in my life. Y’know, a little bit of this and that; nothing precise, really.

But that kind of emulated a junior-high schooler’s sloppy notebook filled with my random ramblings. The blog meant a lot to me, but it lacked structure.

Thus, came the idea of trying my luck at becoming another of America’s Lifestyle Bloggers. Hence, the origins of this blog.

Not sure how many people will want to hear my lifestyle tips, but they are completely sincere with the goal to aid. And they’ve proven to work (at least in my life) and that’s good enough for now.

But it will consist of some good, not so bad, and in-between, but all real advice from me. With the addition of stories and thoughts that you may or may not want to know about.

Me: The kind of gal who has some lifestyle hacks up her sleeves and feels the need to share her tips and stories with others interested and willing to read.



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