Recreating Yourself (on Instagram)

Have you ever thought about starting anew? Changing your name, your look, and even your description.

Here’s why your IG should get the ‘facelift’ it is in dire need of.

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We Finally Agreed (sort of)

Hello readers,
I have some good news: we came to an agreement.
He’s team trailer, I’m team tiny house and we agreed on…

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The Trailers

Despite being team tiny house, I’ve still gone to see some trailers. Because “we’re all in this together”

Here’s the list and their verdict…

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2018 Summer Hamburger Award Goes To:

So, which was the burger joint that deserves it’s very own special review?

Let’s warm up the buns and start that drum roll. . .

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Vamos Mexico!

Summer of 2018 and the FIFA World Cup is taking place. Oh, the motions, commotions, and emotions taking place all over the world including, in my living room in my little home and in my little heart.

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Get Yourself A Person Who…

You’ve heard that phrase, haven’t you? Y’know the one suggesting you to get you someone who does all sort of things mentioned on a custom list.
A list made by someone who got treated right, felt special, thus wanted to share that treatment with others.

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