Something To Think About (or not)

Do you ever get recurring thoughts? Y’know the ones that are on constant replay and you don’t know what to make of them because there are different scenarios and outcomes for each and every single one of them? Don’t you hate it when it usually leads to more negative outcomes than not?

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I Thought to be Shy, but…

“Hi, my name is Gloria. You’re new here, you’ll get along just well.” That’s me speaking to a rookie.

Yes, I can actually be that way. Because I like people to feel welcomed.

But, when I’m the newcomer, totally different story. I’m labeled as shy. But…

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Pros & Cons of Reading Other Blogs

There’s a beauty in reading what other bloggers express on their sites.

Not many that have kept my interest as much as two bloggers you encountered on Tumblr whom I don’t know their names, but am subscribed to receive notifications on their new posts (cause they’re gooooooood).
Better yet, I don’t know many bloggers. But I’d like to…

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Job Hunting and Bad Breakups: A Correlation

After a bad breakup or any for that matter, putting yourself back out there could be a while. And when you do, it could be tedious and nerve-racking. At least for those of us who don’t jump from relationship to relationship.
But have you ever had a drought in becoming employed?

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