*and hopefully Improved blog – is under way. So, yes that means changes. Many, many changes are coming to this blog. The main one being the url. Laying the cards on the table, I feel Nopalitana isn’t going where I first planned out to be. And since the cards are already displayed might as well…

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Things I Wish I Knew Before…

I never thought I’d be sharing the same living quarters with my partner, prior to marriage. That is just not how I envisioned it. Never did I want that to happen. But they say the rule is never say never…

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Quien Soy?

Soy Chicana. Texan-Mexican to be exact. Texican if you may.

English is my second language, but growing up, I tried to hide it. Yet my love for arroz con frijoles and tamales ratted me out.

A second generation American. I, too, am proud to be an American. So much that I even tried to hide my Mexican roots. Even more so than those trying to cover their roots with hair dye.

“Pero tienes el nopal en la frente,” they would tell me. But I

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Vamos Mexico!

Summer of 2018 and the FIFA World Cup is taking place. Oh, the motions, commotions, and emotions taking place all over the world including, in my living room in my little home and in my little heart.

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